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Monday, April 13, 2009

I have been lazy

I admit it.....just lazy - which is why there haven't been many posts last week. Not too much going on. I did go to a going away happy hour for the guy I replaced at work. OK let me back up.....I started this job as a temp position just to fill in while J went to basic training. Then, they decided to keep my in January and J was still gone. J called about 2 weeks ago and said he was coming home. That was the good news....the bad news...he is headed to Iraq! So, we took some time to hang out with him while he was in town.

Had a good Easter weekend. I received a piece of furniture from Uncle Rick! Its a stampers cabinet and I have been having a blast just playing and looking at and organizing my stamps. Just like a kid in the candy store.

It was a bitter sweet weekend for the Wild. They won their last two games (and in those 2 games there were 3 open net goals....sweet!) but they didn't have any chances for the playoffs so Wild hockey is done for this season. Also, our coach, the only coach the Wild has known, is done. So changes are a comin.

I went to see the new Nic Cage flick....Knowing this weekend. Ummm its decent. Not sure I like the ending...but definitely worth a rental.

That's all I got for now....I promise to be better this week and post regulary again.

Cheeky - who is off to eat her eggs!

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