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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am a lazy girl.....

Yeah, I had lots of good intentions for this weekend....yeah...didn't happen. I did play in my crafty room however and get made a few cards for my new crafty blog. I did mow the lawn. In.the.heat. Ummmm I did get groceries. And I did shop but that is about it. L.A.Z.Y.

In my defense this is the first weekend in a while where we were not running here and running there. Just needed a weekend of not doing much. And apparently the "lazy" was catching because the teenage daughter laid around all day yesterday too. Sometimes you just need a little lazy to get you thought.

This week is going to be a busy one for everybody. Teenage daughter needs to finish registering for college here in SC. Manchild has to get registered for 7th grade (in our district you have to register every year even if you are not new). Its time for back to school shopping and teenage daughter wants to take the manchild and pick out his clothes this year. She has good taste so he "should" be styling for back to school. I need to work on a little scrapbook to send to a friend. Nothing too major but its time to get back in the swing of things around this place.

Cheeky - who hopes the internets were not as lazy as the peeps in her house this weekend.....

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Friday, July 29, 2011

She's moving in.....

So now that it has been decided that the teenage daughter will be staying in SC for college - its time that she gets a room of her own. For those of you that are lost, when we moved from MN last year, teenage daughter stayed there so instead of making a dedicated room for her that was only going to be used a couple times a year, we decided to make that room an office. Now....its time to change that up.

Today, teenage daughter and I are going shopping (YAY! we love to shop) for paint (trying to decide on a color) and for bedroom furniture and decorations. The paint must come first so everything else can coordinate. Mostly today is a "let's look and see what's out there" kind of day. Hopefully she will find a paint that she likes and we will get started painting either this weekend or the beginning of next week.

This also means that we will have to move the desk and various other office items (printer, etc) up to the FROG. Which means we have to get rid of some items in the FROG all together. I see heavy lifting in my future. No, wait, I said that wrong, I see me directing the heavy lifting LOL!

Cheeky - who is ready to get her shop on!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

What a crazy weekend

So this weekend we decided to head to NC for a quick visit with family. What started as a quick visit ended up being full of revelations. Some good, some not so good and some that the jury is still out on HA!

One of the good ones (well for me at least) is that the teenage daughter will be staying in SC for college. So starting this week, its time to start getting her room in order. Painting, furniture, etc.

Another good one is that I finally (after almost ummm 9 months or so) got to meet my Uncle. We as a family have known for a while that my Granny had other children that were adopted out (after the original 5 that I grew up knowing). One, a sister, was found almost 18 years ago. Then last year, another, a brother, found my dad. Now we have learned there may be a set of twins out there somewhere. Apparently, we have family coming out of the woodwork. I was half joking that we need to get "The Locator" (you know from the TV show) on the case to just find them all - HA! I have always said my family was like a soap opera and just keeps going LOL!

There were more revelations, but they are not mine to share so I won't. But, overall, I have to say, that at the end of the day, things will work out.

So, I am thinking I had enough drama for a while. Now, its time to enjoy the last of summer vacation!

Cheeky - who thinks she needs to find some shenanigans to get into.....

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am bad - I know it....

I keep saying I am going to blog more and then I never do.....its sad really. I mean I have every intention of blogging, I even have great stories to tell, but then I just can't seem to sit down and do it. I blame facebook. So lets see if we can get caught up.....shall we?

The summer has been busy. Teenage daughter is home from college. We have been to the beach. Manchild has been traveling with his sister (couple weeks at the beach, couple of weeks in NC) which has really eaten into his Xbox time....he is not really happy about this...I on the other hand am glad that he is doing other things and disconnecting every now and then - even if he is forced to do so.

I am in full swing of celebrating my birthday month and having a grand ol time I must say.

The fur babies are sassy. I love it! Squeaker went into heat for the first time in June and let me tell ya - that was torture for every one involved. We promptly had a visit with the vet and remedied that situation.

Working in the yard has come for a full and screeching halt! Its just too dang hot Did I just say HOT?!? After whining and moaning for 5 years about freezing in MN I am complaining about the heat in SC? Why yes, yes I am! Cause its been pushing 100 for quite a while and well that is just HOT! Actually last weekend it was in the 80's and wow what a difference!

I have been getting my crafty mojo on lately and started a little stampy blog. Hopefully by keeping that one up it will force me to keep this one up too!

Cheeky - who wonders if anyone is still out there *insert crickets chirping*

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