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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

2 weeks and counting....

Is it wrong that I am all giddy and doing a little happy dance that school will be starting back in 2 weeks for manchild and the teenage daughter? I mean, I have enjoyed having the kids in the house. We have had a few laughs. But to be able to just sit in my house and listen to the quiet.....Ahhhhhh. In reality I will only get about 2 hours a day of alone time and that's about right. Just enough to spend some quality time with me but not too much that I will feel all lonely....know what I mean?

I think another reason that I am happy that its school season again is that before you know it Fall will be here....I *adore* Fall and I am ready for it. Cooler weather, festivals, the ability to sit outside in the day without sweating to death...yeah - bring on Fall!

Cheeky - who is thinking really cool thoughts.....

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