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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

X-Rays, MRI's, Bon Jovi and More.....

I have been slack in my blogging updates so I thought I would catch everyone up in one big update. Remember back in November when I went to see Bon Jovi and had a blast all the drinking and dancing and how I needed time to recover cause I was getting old (look in the archives for the details)?

Well, I did something more than just have a good time. Apparently, in all that dancing I did something to my left knee (NO I didn't fall on it). I just thought maybe I pulled it or over extended it or something.....NOPE. I have been in pain ever since the concert. Before joining the local gym and getting back to my workout routine, I thought it would be smart to go have it checked out before injuring it further. So, off to the doc I go on Tuesday. He does a quick exam, and after telling me how mild the winter has been (I get it people, this is what you consider mild - but its not Charleston so quit telling me how nice it is outside - as far as I am concerned it might as well be the freakin north pole) said "we are going to take some x-rays but I suspect they will come back ok - I think you have torn some cartiledge in your knee which is why its not feeling better after all this time because it is not going to heal by itself.(umm what does that mean?) If the x-rays come back clear, I am going to send you for an MRI." So my friends, as you read this, I will be getting my MRI Thursday morning. UGH!

Now, Friday night (tomorrow)- I am going to yet another Bon Jovi concert and I was all psyched up to be able to act like a teenager again and in the process completely embarrass my teenage daughter. But nooooooo, I have to take it easy or risk damaging the knee even more.....sigh! Hmmm you think if my people get in touch with Jon's people he will show me some sympathy and come sing to me?? HEY! A girl can dream can't she? So my friends I will leave you with the immortal words of Jon Bon Jovi... "When the world gets in my face I say...Have a Nice Day!!

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Way Back Wednesday - The Alternate Assignment

I think my Mom my have a great picture of me with the chicken pox but alas I live in BFE and can't get to her house in time to find and post the picture so I have taken the alternate assignment - my kitchen. No this is not the greatest kitchen I have had, but it ranks in the top three. The best one was in NC. So here it it......Cheeky's Kitchen....

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Monday, January 16, 2006

This is cool! Considering Ruby is my B-stone and my favorite gemstone (besides Diamonds of course)

Your Gemstone is Ruby

Daring, ethusiastic, and spontaneous.
You are energetic and passionate, with an appetite for life.

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Learned Something New

See - I CAN be trained..haha. Thanks to Angry Dad I have learned how to add a link to my sidebar...woohoo!

I have also learned that procrastination can cost you $$. I waited to buy my tickets to Charleston (to throw a baby shower for my friend) a few days too late and of course the price went up. Not drastically, but I do have to make every cent count. I have also learned that this trip home will be completely tax deductible (oh yeah baby). See, since moving to the great white north, I have become self employed and I am now contracting for my former company and for another company in SC. So, if I go and see them while I am home....then "voila" tax deductible. And so, I am planning a trip to Columbia while I am there.

So my blogger friends I can be taught. Anything else I should know? Leave a comment and tell me about it ...

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Friday, January 13, 2006


I have been "tagged" - well not the "official" blog tag but none the less I did receive this via email and decided rather than passing it along in yet another email to someone else - I would just start tagging in the blog so - here goes....

OH and by the way....Angry Dad and Mama Duck - I am tagging you! (sorry - had to do it) and just because you are not mentioned here doesn't mean you get off the hook - if you are lurking around and reading this (you know who you are - the people that don't leave comments) - well you are tagged too! Let me know if ya played.

1. What time did you get up this morning?: I dragged my happy butt out of bed at 7:00a this morning
2. Diamonds or Pearls?: well duh - DIAMONDS!
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?: The Chronicles of Narnia
4. What is your favorite TV show?: CSI (the orignial Vegas - really do not like Miami but have a growing appreciation for CSI NY)
5. What did you have for breakfast?: Nothing yet - usually eat with the man child when he gets up for school
6. What is your middle name?: Yvonne
7. Favorite Cuisine?: ummm Food - wait that is cheating - seafood - fresh seafood (not that frozen stuff)
8. What foods do you dislike?: Overcooked mushy veggies - IF I eat them at all they must be steamed or stir fried.
9. What is your favorite chip flavor?: Salt and Vinegar
10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?: If you know me at all you know its BON JOVI - Have a Nice Day (see several posts ago) - went to the concert in Nov. and going again in 14 days! - but I digress....
11. What kind of car do you drive?: 2005 Nissan Altima Charcoal Gray (with the bigger engine) and I love my car.
12. Favorite Sandwich?: Philly Cheese Steak
13. What Characteristic do you despise?: Those who put you down to make themselves look better
14. Favorite item of clothing:? My lounge pants made from t-shirt material
15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?: Australia
16. Favorite Brand of clothing: "clearance"
17. To where would you retire?: Charleston, SC
18. What was your most memorable birthday?: well considering I am soooo young, I can still remember them all
19. Favorite sport to watch?: Live and in person - hockey! on TV: Nascar (and in person too but I have only seen one in person)
20. Person you expect to play this the quickest?: well duh - those that got tagged - Mama Duck and Angry Dad (no relation to each other..haha)
21. Goal you have for yourself?: Get my happy butt BACK to Charleston, SC as soon as possible!
22. When is your birthday? July 14 and YES I expect you to mark you calendar and send me lots of happy wishes on that day :)
23. Are you a morning person or a night person?: for work I am definately a morning person - for fun its a night time thing but only if I have had a nap - haha
24. What is your shoe size: 9
25. Pets?: yep the dog weezer (see his pic in previous posts) and used to have fish but they are still happy and healthy living in Charleston with the daughter's friend. We call and talk to them on the phone - we used to pet them - they were really friendly fish.....but again I digress...
26. Any exciting news you would like to share?: I am going home to see my friends - woohoo!
27. What did you want to be when you were little?: first a teacher then a lawyer....
28. What is your favorite flower?: Tulips
29. Where is the furthest you have ever been from home?: Quebec Canada
30. Small things you really enjoy?: for me its all about the little things...somebody doing something just because you like it, being considerate of you, giving you flowers just because its know the little stuff.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How can you sufficiently play in blogs when all your stuff is in boxes?

Yes my friends, I am whining again (this is your only warning). I was all stoked and ready to get back playing Way Back Wednesday (courtesy of MamaDuck) and as I was thinking of what I was going to write about it occurred to me......How can I play when I can't find pics because they are stuffed away in some *@#$% unpacked box that I won't find again until the next freakin' move?

Now I could do some newer pics and put them here but that really isn't playing fair now is it? And yes, I could "talk" about my 15 minutes of fame but without the exciting pics it really isn't that fabulous.

So, I went back through some fairly recent pics on my PC trying to find something suitable and realized that I move entirely too much! Just from 2003 to now I have lived in 4 count them 4! seperate houses (including this one) in 3 states! That my friends is ridiculous! One in NC, two in SC, and now the icicle that is MN!

Before things get really depressing I should end this post......and find my pics!

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Cheeky's Back...back again...Cheeky's back...tell a friend!

She has returned! Now during the time I was away, things have changed dramatically and I am still having a hard time adjusting. In case you are new, I have moved from the wonderful paradise that is Charleston, SC to Otsego, MN! Just where in the world is Otsego? Good question, well it is NW of Minneapolis and if you are driving you just may miss it cause its still buried under snow!

Now over the past 2 weeks - it has been in the 30's here - I am told this is highly unusual and that this is considered a heat wave....excuse me?! Now I could tell you all of the lovely things that has happened since moving here (like getting a foot of snow the night we arrive in town) but I think I will just let it go.....I have been told that I am whining a bit much about it.

So for now, I will just keep hibernating and going outside as little as possible and start marking the days off my calendar.....I am hoping to go back to Charleston in February to throw my friend a baby shower (a Fri - Mon visit)....and then again late March/early April - for a "the baby is here" visit (this visit will be a "9 day visit").

So my friends, Cheeky is back in all her glory - and she is ready for "Way Back Wednesday" and "Stuff Portriat Friday" and whatever other little games she can find to keep her mind off of the snow.

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