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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekend Update and Yes, I missed yesterday's post

So....what did I do this past weekend?? Good question - I really don't know it went by so fast. I did do some school shopping for the kids. Ummmm I grilled a big fat honker. I either got bit or busted a blood vessel in my toe. I think it was the latter. See, Sunday afternoon I was raking the pine needles out of the yard from the storm we had Saturday night and I felt a sharp pain in my toe. I thought to myself "Stupid ants just bit me" and I slipped off my sandal to take a peek and kill that little sucker. But I noticed that my toe was turning purple and beginning to swell. I wasn't sure what had just happened. I mean, did something other than an ant just bite me and if so what the heck was it? So, since I was swelling I immediately went in the house and chugged some benedryl (I tend to be allergic to crap so I wasn't taking any chances). And of course, as soon as the benedryl kicked in I started draggin. Well, as the day went on the more purple and more black my toe became. It was tender at first but eventually it didn't hurt anymore...just looked really bad. As I look at it today, I am thinking it was just a burst blood vessel.

So, since I was fighting benedryl all day and really tired I decided to go to bed early Sunday night. I wake up around 7 AM on Monday and look in the mirror and.....HOLY MOLY....the eyelid on my left eye is red and swollen....bad. Starting in the inside corner and going about halfway across my eye. And man does it hurt and its so very attractive. I finally decide I should probably go to the doc and nobody could see me. Really? You don't hold spots or work people in for unexpected situations? UGH! So, I have decided that if it still looks bad tomorrow I am going to just show up at the docs office and once they take one look at my pitiful self they will fall all over themselves to help me....cause I do look pitiful. I am thinking it is just a clogged/infected tear duct but that doesn't make it hurt any less or look any better. I am gonna need drops. Oh Joy!

I am actually writing this post at around midnight so technically it is Tuesday. So we will see what the AM brings after a good night's sleep....

*Update is it now 9am and umm yeah - it doesn't look any better. Actually my eye was sorta stuck together this morning and it hurts a lot worse. Swelling is about the same. Off to the doc I go......

**Second update - called before heading to the doc - made an appt for 12:15....

Cheeky - who eye!

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