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Monday, July 31, 2006

Drugs - what a wonderful thing.....

After one day of prednesone, H1 and H2 blockers, and hydrocortisone cream I feel a little better (the itchies are under control and when it does its not nearly as bad as before). It didn't seem to spread last night - so that is good. Didn't sleep too much so I joined the teenage daughter and her friend for the Harry Potter movie marathon - all 4 movies back to back. OK so I didn't watch them all but still....I should have been in bed.

The rash is still there but not as beet red as it was yesterday which is a good thing. Oh and speaking of which, now I know I looked a little freaky but come on people have some human decency and respect. I went to the store to get some fruits and veggies for my prednesone induced munchies. I usually speak to people at the store - you just a sort of Hi or if I am in their way I will say oh pardon me or something like that. I noticed that no one - I mean NO ONE would look me in the eye yesterday. It was almost like they would catch what was on my face if they looked at me. Mr. Cheeky went with me to the store and I called it to his attention he watched - Yep, no one would look me in the eye. That is messed up!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

It can stop at any time now....

Update: Just got back from the doc (well the Minute Clinic - I guess that sorta counts) - definately not shingles (thank God), definately not some other rash that is associated with Lupus (thank God), definately not poison......definately don't know what it is other than some type of contact dermititis (so I am allergic to something I came in contact with - just don't know what, so I don't know what to avoid). Its a good sign that I had a small little patch on my finger. My temp was up a little (99.5) but nothing to be concerned with. We are attacking it from all angles - prednesone, hydrocortisone, histimine for the day and a different one for night (for histamine 1 AND histamine 2). Doc said first thing tomorrow make an appt with a dermatologist for later in the week. If I am better - cancel the appt. If not - then go. So I am gonna be a pill poppin fool for the next several days and with the prednisone I won't be sleeping and I will be HUNGRY all the time. So.....not to ruin the 25lbs that I have lost (woohoo), I am getting lots of fruits and veggies for munching so I won't go for the bad stuff. One good thing (trying to look on the bright side) is that I will have tons of energy from the predisone so I will get in some extra exercise.

Thanks for all the well wishes....I really appreciate it {{{{hugs}}}}

Whatever is attacking me is spreading across the entire left side of my face and is getting dangerously close to my eye. I am going to the doc - TODAY at 10am when the doors open! I need something to make it STOP! I look diseased.....pretty soon I am gonna have to start wearing a veil to cover my face....I am not kidding - its BAD...nope not exaggerating - not one little bit. I would post a pic but its just too horrifying. And itching - OH there are no is everything I can do not to claw at my face.

Wish me luck....will update after the doc visit.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The return of Two-Face

I am starting to feel like Two-Face - you know, one of the many villians in Batman. What ever is attacking my face is only doing it on the left side. Its really weird. So now it has is above my lip, on my chin and along my jaw line, on my cheek (Irish Church Lady: loved the Cheeky has itchy cheekies comment...LOL), and on the side of my nose. It is itchy - I mean I.T.C.H.Y!!! I took benedryl last night and have been putting benedryl cream on it. NOPE still ITCHES! And it is red, and a little swollen - Yep - I could claim the role of Two-Face in the next Batman movie - no problem!

Today is Mom & Dad's last full day visiting. They are leaving in the morning heading back to NC. We haven't decided what we are going to do races in Canterbury? Casino - Mille Lacs or Mystic Lake?? Whatever we do, it will be inside cause its freakin hot here! Actually, I think its cooler in Charleston - how does THAT happen???

Oh, the teenage daughter and her little friend went to a party last night - it had a really cool theme. Basically, it was a futuristic highschool reunion. Each person that came had a "persona" - the teenage daughter had become a biker chic (her friend a ballerina...LOL). Too funny....

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Friday, July 28, 2006

I know I taste good but this is ridiculous.....(and other random updates)

The other day, we had a nice evening storm and I sat out on the front porch watching it (you know me and storms). In the process, some little piece of crap blood sucking skeeter found her way to me (not the other two people on the porch mind you....but ME) well more specifically to my left index finger....and proceeded to have some dinner (yeah, nice....stupid bi-otch of a skeeter). So its been itching...and generally driving me nuts. Well, this morning I wake up and right above the corner of my mouth on the left side - 3 MORE BITES!! First of all, I want to know how this little sucker got in the house (cause I have a no bugs allowed sign posted clearly for all critters to see - must be the rebellious type)....Secondly, I want to know why it decided to pick on ME! I mean come on....what do I look like - a skeeter-sicle in the flavor of Cheeky? Now I can handle bites but Not.On.My.Face! It looks like I have this really huge zit....cause the bites are so close together and they itch like mad.

I am taking the rest of the day off to hang out with the folks. Not sure what we are gonna do this afternoon but I am sure we can find something - yeah, we are crafty like that.

Played with my Cricut - OMG...I love this toy - LOVE LOVE LOVE it! If you are a scrapper you have to get it (or make friends with someone that has it). Registered for Scrapfest '06 in September at the MOA (Mist1 that MOA is for you....are ya proud of me?). Now people, its July and most of the classes were closed - but I did manage to sneak into one.

A recent conversation between Cheeky and her friend IRL.....

Cheeky: see you learn something new everyday
Friend: Blondes can learn?
Cheeky: No, we TEACH!
Friend: Oh, you must be a brunette then

Yeah - my friends are smart elects too.....

Cheeky - who in honor of Easily Amused's birthday (go on over and show her some love) is singing some Beatles: You say it's your birthday, It's my birthday too--yeah, They say it's your birthday, We're gonna have a good time, I'm glad it's your birthday, Happy birthday to you.

Yes we're going to a party party, Yes we're going to a party party, Yes we're going to a party party.

I would like you to dance--Birthday, Take a cha-cha-cha-chance-Birthday, I would like you to dance--Birthday, Dance

You say it's your birthday, Well it's my birthday too--yeah, You say it's your birthday, We're gonna have a good time, I'm glad it's your birthday, Happy birthday to you!

Update: What I thought was mosquito bites on my face may be something chin below my lip on the left side and along the jaw line has a rash and is itching like crazy (almost like poison oak/ivy...but I haven't been around that....oh please don't let it be that).....I haven't changed products so I don't think its an allergic reaction to something (considering its only on one side of my face) is really driving me nuts and it is starting to look bad....gonna get some benedryl cream and hope it goes away.....I ain't a beauty queen but who wants something like this on their face?

Cheeky - who is terrified that it might be poison and if it is....will need prednesone to get rid of it....and we just don't want to talk about what that does to me.....please please please don't let it be that......

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I got tagged....I got tagged

The way cool chic who is The Southern Fried Girl tagged me while the blogger gods/goddesses are cooperating and letting me post (and comment) I better hurry up and post.

When did you first start blogging?

Just last year actually - ummm in August - hey! that means my bloggerversary is coming up...wooohoo. I actually didn't start getting more regular about it until a month or so later.

What don't you talk about?

The usual hot topics - religion, politics, you know that sorta thing. I try not to get tooooo personal cause well, I have family that reads this and I wouldn't want ALL of my secrets out....(but if you really wanna know just email me...hehe)

Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

Yep! I am just as goofy in person as I am on here.....scary huh?

How do you use blogging to build friendships?

I am shocked at the friendships I have made on here....who knew? I would love to just have a big ol bloggin party with all my blogger that would be fun!

How would you describe your writing style?

I write like I think and like I talk. Yep, I say crap all the time. Yep, I can be a smarty pants. Yep, when you say to yourself "is she really that ..."insert adjective here"....I really am.

So who am I gonna tag.....Hmmmm....decisions decisions....well Robin I think you need to get tagged cause you were dissin on me earlier in your blog....hehe and you thought I wouldn't get ya back... And of course its gotta be Easily Amused cause well she has been getting a little slack lately...and we just can't have that now can we???

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Thursday Thirteen - Vroom vroom

Yep, its Thursday - and you what that means - you get to learn more useless stuff about me. I had to get up early this morning to take my car to the shop (before the warranty runs out in ummm 40 miles) so I thought I would do 13 things about me and my cars.

#1 - I have a love/hate relationship with cars - I either love it or hate it.

#2 - If I love the car - I will drive it until it falls apart. There have been two cars that I have owned that I have felt this way about. The first one was Ol' Betsy (yeah - I name them too). She was a red Saturn SL2 (the older body style - not the new one). I kept Betsy a loooong time. LOVED LOVED LOVED her - even after Mr. Cheeky wrecked her - I still loved her. She was getting old and using oil so we traded her for a newer Saturn - HATED IT! Would have taken Betsy back in a second.

#3 - The second car I have loved is my current one - a 2005 Nissan Altima with the limted edition package on it. Its Charcoal grey and I LOVE THIS CAR!

#4 - One of the many cars I (ok we) have owned was a 1990 (or maybe 92 - I don't remember - I didn't like it so I didn't care - but it was cheap and paid for) Buick Century. It was owned by Mr. Cheeky's grandparents and they sold it to us when the man child was born. I called it the "Granny-mobile", Mr. Cheeky called it Blue Thunder....never really liked it - we ended up donating it to the Kidney Foundation a few years ago.

#5 - My very first car was a light metallic blue Pontiac T-1000 (what is a T-1000 you ask? Well, its not a was Pontiac's version of a Chevette). It was a crappy little A/C, crappy radio (but of course I changed that). But I loved it because it was my first car ever.

#6 - I think driving a manual transmission (that would be a stick shift for those of us from the south) is fun. I think its important for everyone to know how to drive a stick just in case of emergencies - my sister is 38 and still doesn't know how.

#7 - All of my current vehicles are automatics....we drive on the interstate a lot - and sticks suck when you are in traffic.

#8 - The teenage daughter thinks that she is getting my Altima when she gets her license.....she needs to think again.

#9 - Mr. Cheeky has a Ford F-150 extended cab Truck. Its OK but I HATE driving it.

#10 - I have this thing about big cars/trucks. Don't like them. Can't park them. Don't want them (that is why you will not see me in a mini van or SUV - just too big for me). I like to be able to turn on a dime.

#11 - My cars have to have good sound systems - yeah, like you thought Cheeky would go without her music.....

#12 - I love to drive. I think its fun to have the windows down (in the fall or spring), have the music up, and just go. When its just me and the kids we also wave at other cars and get the truckers to honk their horns....yeah we are goofy that way). Mr. Cheeky doesn't appreciate this kind of silliness.

#13 - I hope the shop fixes the problem with my car - cause if they tell me nothing is wrong (when I know better) and let my warranty expire then tell me there is a problem - I will be on ticked off Cheeky - and you have heard me say it before...."don't make me angry - you won't like me when I am angry".

Hey! I wanna know more stuff about you now - so let me know if you played!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cheeky's got a new toy.....

And this one is not battery requires a plug in!

Now, get your minds out of the gutter (I know what you were thinking...haha). Last night I went to Michael's (you know the place where craft junkies go to get their fix) and I bought myself the hottest scrapbooking toy on the market (if you don't scrap you wouldn't understand).

Yes, I am talking about the Cricut!!!! I got it ya'll and you wanna know a secret....I used the 40% off coupon that comes in the Sunday paper....I saved a ton! Well, that is because its a very expensive toy (if you scrap and want this - I suggest using the coupon while they still allow it - cause I am sure there will be a restriction real soon - you know how they put the item on "sale" so you can't use the coupon but the sale price is only a few dollars cheaper than the regular price...yeah I know the games they play).

I wanted to play with it so bad last night but I was a good girl (cause I knew if I got started I would be up all night) so I just read the manuals - so TODAY...I am only working this morning cause this afternoon....this girl is SCRAPPIN'!

Cheeky - who is in the mood for a little....Barry White...My Darlin' I... can't get enough of your love babe...I don't know I don't know why....Can't get enough of your love babe.....

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Toothless Man Child

The little man child's two front teeth have been loose for quite some time. He was waiting for his grand-daddy to get here before pulling them out. Well, yesterday was the day. I apologize for the quality of the first two photos - they were taken by the teenage daugher.

Here we are before.......(notice the string)....

After....(still smiling).....

Can you see a family resemblance??? (Pic with Grand-daddy)

The second top tooth is really really really loose - I don't think it will make it another day (the man child is just trying to milk as much as possible out of the tooth fairy).

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Finally - something went RIGHT

For those of you that have waited ever so patiently.....blogger has decided to grant me the ability to post pictures once again (humbly bowing down before the blogger gods/goddesses). So.....please see the post with Redneck Luv - the pics are finally there! Hmmm....does this mean its gonna be a good day? I guess I should consult Angry Dad....

Mom and Dad finally got in around 2:30AM Friday nite/Saturday AM. But.....since it was the never-ending day from hell, of course something else had to go wrong....and it did. Some how they managed to lose Daddy's luggage...lovely...just lovely. By the time we get to Chez Cheeky it was after 4am! Get home, crawl in the sack - pass the crap out! Unfortunately, as fate would have it, I could only sleep until 8:30am. Got up, felt somewhat decent considering the previous day/night. Reconfirmed the fact it was a rest day and just sorta chilled. Had to run out to the pharmacy for a refill and to the grocery store for some big ol honkin ribeye steaks and veggies for grillin' but other than that - we just hung out here.

Mom and I spent some time downstairs scrappin'. She isn't really into that sorta thing but she helped me out with some of my pages (while ABBA was playing in the background). Daddy and Mr. Cheeky (along with the kids) headed out to the river to catch some crawdads for bait for later that evening. They got home and we grilled - pretty dang tasty if I do say so myself. Mom and I scrapped some more and everyone else went out. Daddy and Mr. Cheeky went fishing and the kids went to the park to play ball.

Ended the day with a good walk. Mom came along and it wasn't the usual long power walk but it was still good. Watched Mad TV before falling asleep and ya'll, if you didn't see it - you missed one of the funniest sketches I have seen in a really really long time!

Sunday: Back to the Mall of America. Mom and Dad wanted to go. I didn't spend as much this time but I did partake of some Dairy Queen (hey, I deserved it) and bought a sports kit for my Ipod - now I don't have to worry about it when I exercise. After spending all day walking around (and no they didn't cover all of it), came home and vegged a little more.

Monday: Got up this morning at the butt crack of dawn to get in some exercise. Couple of miles on the bikes. And now that my post is done - I will jump in the shower and start working a little while everyone continues to sleep.

Cheeky - who has some motivation this morning and is singing some Outkast: My baby don't mess around because she loves me so and this I know fo shooo..
Uh, But does she really wanna but can't stand to see me walk ou the dooo..
Don't try to fight the feelin' because the thought alone is killing me right nooww...Uh, thank god for mom and dad for sticking through together 'cause we don't know hooowww...Heeeyyy... Yaaaaaaa..

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

And you thought you had a looooooong day....

OK first things first - I STILL CAN'T GET PICS INTO BLOGGER.....any suggestions? Irish Church Lady had a few but they aren't working.....ugh...this is really buggin me - HELP!

Stayed up late Thursday night with Mommy K on her last night - did some major power scrapping (would show you some pics - but according to blogger that ain't happenin tonight). Got up waaaay early on Friday (we are talking before the chickens and around here that is pretty early). Worked and helped Mommy K pack. My work cell died - I mean dead - you know as in absolutely no life whatsoever! I freak. Completely stressed. I NEED my work cell to work. Its not an option. Mr. Cheeky wakes up - I complain - he touches it, I mean just touches the darn thing and it works - excuse me?!? Don't get me wrong, I am glad it is working, but I did the same thing he did and it didn't work for me....

So now the stress level is set for the day.....everything starts going wrong from there. Get Mommy K to the airport (oh and the baby too - yeah I was trying to keep him here but she wasn't gonna have that). On the way home - serious traffic issues. I don't get it. Its like this every freakin Friday. What is up with people in Minnefreakinsota and their "cabins" up north (yeah I said that in a snotty tone)? I don't get it. And they do it EVERY WEEKEND!! Get home from a round trip that took well over 3 and half hours - should have taken an hour and half MAX!.

OK - now its power clean the house time because my Mommy and Daddy are coming to see me tonight from NC for a week (did I mention that before???). I am already totally tired at this point. Finally decide its time to get some food (yeah, its chinese buffet night cause this girl ain't about to cook). Get a call....Mom and Dad are delayed in Charlotte. OK, no biggie right? Wrong wrong wrong - they leave Charlotte at 10p (they were supposed to leave before 8). Get into Chicago and get directed to a connecting flight in a terminal that has already shut down for the night. (now while this was going on....I had decided to take a nap and get up around midnight to go get them - literally within 5 min of waking up I get a call from them). OK... mad dash to the computer to find out what is going on. Dad calls back - they are leaving Chicago at 12:55 and getting here to Minneapolis around 2:15 - yeah that's the AM (now I am hoping that the pilot will put the pedal to the medal and not play around and try to get in a little earlier).

Now its just after midnight and I am trying to stay awake to go get tomorrow, the only sight seeing going on around here will be the first level (see the lovely bedrooms - the master and the man childs, 2 full baths and Cheeky's office), second level (the kitchen, laundry and den), third level (the living room or family room whatever you wanna call it - basically its where the big ol honkin TV is, and the full bath they will be using), fourth level (the teenage daughter's bedroom - their suite for the week - and my scrap room - yeah I have a "room" ladies - woohoo!) and deck (where the grill is and where their first dinner in Minnefreakinsota will be prepared) of Cheeky's house - and if I am up to it, perhaps a peek outside in the neighborhood - but don't get your hopes up on that one.

I should have listened to Angry Dad when he told me Friday was a baaaaad day (see, being in Australia - he has the scoop since his time is so far ahead).

Cheeky - who would like to sing now but quite frankly is brain dead at the moment....

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - *sigh*

Today is the last full day that Mommy K and baby Duncan will be with me. They are leaving me tomorrow afternoon to go back to the wonderful land that is Charleston. So today's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to them (and yes I have pictures but just as in yesterday's post - blogger is being a bi-otch and won't let me post them).

#1 I will miss having my morning coffee with Mommy K and having "adult" conversations without watching the cartoon network.

#2 Although it took a little getting used to, I am going to miss having a baby in the house again (ummm don't be getting any funny ideas here....while Cheeky is fully capable of producing another one....this factory has been shut down - permanently). Duncan is such a good baby and is very much a snuggler. I love the way I can make him "belly laugh".

#3 I am going to miss my scrapbooking partner. We always have so much fun doing this together and our creative juices seem to meld ever so nicely. I haven't found a scrapping partner since I moved....sigh

#4 Its nice to have another adult female in house for the teenage daughter to talk to (that way she realizes Mom really does know what she is talking about..duh).

#5 I am going to miss having Mommy K around just to be silly little girls with. After our trip to Bare Escentuals we came home with all our stuff and tons (I mean tons) of samples. We were like little kids playing dress up and putting on make-up.

#6 I will miss my shopping buddy. K and I have always had very similar tastes. She will tell me straight up if something looks good and I should definitely buy or if I should star far far away from it.

#7 I will miss acting like teenagers and sharing clothes. We are close to the same size (hmmm seems like all through our lives we have been from high school on up) and I will miss the way she goes through my closet and says Hmmm I am gonna wear this and if I really like it you might not get it back....hehe

#8 I will miss playing with Duncan and doing his daily "Jane Fonda" (ummm if you are young then this means his daily exercise.....). He is at the point were he wants to sit up on his own and tries to stand up when you are holding him on your lap. He is so fun.

#9 I am going to miss when Duncan is fussy and the teenage daughter or Mommy K can't seem to calm him down then they hand him to me and I can make him laugh (95% of the time - yeah I am goofy like that).

#10 Even though I know that I will talk to her daily on the phone (well I usually do anyway), I am sad to know that I will not see Mommy K and Duncan for several more months (on my next trip to Charleston). Babies change so quickly.

#11 My kids will miss them being around. The little man child has really done well with Duncan and the teenage daughter has gotten some really good baby sitting experience (we have had her do this a lot so here is to you teenage daughter - we really appreciate you stepping in and helping - and if you look closely there may be some form of compensation hiding about in your room - guess you will have to clean it to find it huh?)

#12 It has been nice sitting around talking about all the crazy things we did in highschool together. It shows the teenage daughter that yes, mom once was young, and cool, and a complete goofball instead of just being old, and mom, and a complete goofball. It also shows her that the most fun that we had involved friends and not drinking or drugs. It was enjoying your friends. I think its good for kids to see that.

#13 Mommy K - I am going to miss you! You and I have been friends since the 2nd grade and though we have lived close together and far apart during those years after highschool, we have always managed to keep our friendship strong. I love you girl! And baby Duncan, I will send you videos of that woman with the crazy hair (that would be me) to make you belly laugh. I won't be able to steal your kisses but you better save some in a stash for me for my next visit **smoochie smoochie**

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Went to the show and found.....Redneck LUV!!

Updated Monday - FINALLY PICTURES!

Updated Thursday AM - blogger is really ticking me off......I am still trying to upload the pics....grrrrrr

Updated: still trying to upload the pics with no luck.....grrrrr blogger....

Now this is something that I can talk about because I was born and raised in the foothills of NC. You know, in the heart of Redneckville, USA. And it never ceases to amaze me just how far my rednecks have spread across the country. Last night at the concert (details about that at the end of this post....good thing I didn't pay for those tickets.....wait...I did...yikes!), the rednecks were out in full force. I mean, just look at this (taken while Journey was playing at the first part of the was only the third song....and they were already at it).....

Notice the attire? Shirtless man (dude, it was chilly in the Target Center). But if that wasn't enough, it soon became contagious. Their fellow rednecks soon joined in the luv fest.....

It was even so contaigous that my friends that I went to the show with even got in the mood (hehe - just kidding - they just got engaged about ummm 2 weeks ago so they are entitled....and no, they are not rednecks...but we are slowly acclimating them to our ways).

OK, now on to the show....Journey guitarist Ross Valorie comes out and plays the National Anthem on his electric know, Jimmy Hendricks style...its was pretty cool. Then the rest of the band takes the stage and starts with Anyway you want it...its cool - it rocked...but something is I know that my man Steve Perry is no longer singing with the band but the dude that replaced him, Steve Augeri isn't even there. His is out due to a throat infection? Whatever..... so another dude Jeff Scott Soto (ever hear of him? Yeah, me neither) took the lead. Now he was ok....but I was disappointed. I mean come on. Plus, to try and make it a little more "believable" the voices were turned down just a bit and the rocking bass and drums just wee bit too loud (you know just enough to muffle the voices). And with a few of the songs, I swear they were using old recordings of Steve Perry and mixing it with this guys voice - it was during those times he was not in the front or the spot light....and it sounded a little too much like my man Steve....sounded just a little suspicious to me. Now as the show went on, I was having a good time and enjoying the show on the stage (and the redneck luv beside me) until they ended their set. Ya'll I was about to drop the F-bomb (and Cheeky don't say that....and no I wasn't drinking....perhaps I should have) cause they did not even play my favorite Journey song.....but then much to my delight - they came back out (what, even the first group does an encore?) and played it....Seperate Ways! Whew.....was gonna have to get ugly there for a minute.

Quick (well not so quick) intermission, set change....the Def Leppard takes the stage with Let's Get Rocked.....again, the vocals were seriously lower than the I know I wasn't really close to the action but come on - I should be able to slightly understand what Joe Elliott is singing....I know this song....and I still couldn't make out what he was singing. Geesh....I know you guys are old - its ok....lemme hear it mmmkay? They worked the crowd and for the most part it was ok and as a true child of the 80's I had an overall good time, but I don't think the show was worth the price of admission if you catch my drift.

So, now the show is over and I have to find my way home. This is going to be an adventure because I don't usually drive back from downtown by myself. I don't really know my way around that well, especially in the dark. But, I am quite pleased with my navigational skills until....I get on I-94 in Maple Grove....ummm ITS CLOSED (excuse me?) how am I gonna find my way home? I haven't lived here long enough to know the back roads (well outside of my little town anyway). So, since the cheekymobile was sucking fumes, I got off the interstate and stopped to get some way over priced go-go juice. I ask the dude beside me if he is familiar with the area and can he get me to where I need to be.....ummmm NO he couldn't but he sure acted like he could. I wasn't born yesterday, I know you didn't know...why didn't you just say it? If I would have taken his advice I would still be drivin'!

So, I pull in the a 24 hour grocery store and one of the cashiers was a HUGE help (she, together with the teenage daughter on the phone and mapquest in front of her) got me where I needed to be, without using the even though I got home about an hour later than I should have, I am pleased that was able to learn something new.

I am up now, with about 5 hours sleep. I have an early morning meeting for work and then I have to find a vet to take my kitty to asap today. She is passing blood and being way to loving (yeah, something is wrong - the lovin part should have been my first clue).

Cheeky - who will be singing something - as soon as the coffee kicks in.....

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's better to burn out....than fade away!!

Yes my fellow bloggers, your favorite child of the 80's is going to see Journey and Def Leopard tonight at the Target Center in Minneapolis! Because Mr. Cheeky is traveling this week, Mommy K gets his ticket - woohoo!!! So, its girls night out! (well actually we are meeting a group and there are a few guys too). The teenage daughter and two of her friends will be babysitting baby Duncan (so they can tag team it) and making sure my little man child stays in line.

As a teenager, I can't say that I was a die hard fan (I mean come on - they are really good but they are NOT Bon Jovi....geesh what were you thinking?) but I really did like the music of each band respectively and I still enjoy their stuff today (not necesarrily their "new" they even have any new stuff??).

I think I am more excited about seeing Journey than I am Def Leopard. I haven't decided if I am going to get a t-shirt yet or not. I know they are way over priced (its ridiculous) but since they are "older" perhaps they won't be too bad (ummm.. no, I am not smokin' anything this morning...geesh...just wishful thinking).

So, in honor of tonight's festivities, Cheeky is singing: Gunter glieben glauchen globen....Alright....I got something to say....Yeah, it's better to burn out....Yeah, than fade away!...All right, Ow. Gonna start a fire, C'mon!...
Rise up! Gather round Rock this place to the ground, Burn it up let's go for broke Watch the night go up in smoke, Rock on! (rock on!), Drive me crazier, no serenade No fire brigade, just Pyromania, c'mon....What do you want? What do you want? I want rock'n'roll, yes I do Long live rock'n'roll.....

Or perhaps a little Journey to get your day started: Here we stand...Worlds apart Hearts broken in two, two, two....Sleepless nights, Losing ground I'm reaching for you, you, you...Feelin' that it's gone , Can't change your mind...If we can't go on To survive the tide, Love divides...Someday love will find you, Break those chains that bind you, One night will remind you, How we touched and went our separate ways...If he ever hurts you, True love won't desert you, You know I still love you, Though we touched and went our separate ways...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Birthday Happenings and Weekend Update

THANKS to everyone that sent me birthday wishes! You guys are the best!!! In honor of my B-day I decided I was not going to work on Friday which basically meant I tried to stay away form the computer as much as humanly possible (you do have to get a little fix now and then).

The day started nicely enough. Nice and slow, no major issues. When the kids got up, they tried being all sneaky when wrapping my present before giving it to me. I have some of the worlds greatest kids. And if you thought that I was singing all the time before....well look out because my kids got me an iPod Nano! Its black and slim and already filled with music (but oh yeah-I will be adding more....haha).

Early afternoon, Mommy K and I decided to go to the outlets shopping for a while. The teenage daughter stayed home to babysit baby Duncan (plus we were only 10 min away so if she needed us we could be home quickly). We had a GREAT time and found quite a few bargains. On our way out, I stopped at Culver's to introduce her to their wonderful custard. And as I did, what do you think we spotted across the street (that I never knew was there before)....a new scrapping store! Oh yeah, don't you think we hightailed it right on over. It is a really cute store with a lot of unique items. We spent quite a few bucks there but had a great time doing it!

Friday evening I was instructed that Mommy K was staying at the house with the kiddies and I was to be in downtown Minneapolis at 4:30 sharp (ok I was a little late - had to get the hair done). Happy Hour at Brothers in downtown. Had to get my birthday mug which means free beer all night long! Of course I could have stayed there all night had other plans for me. So, around 7ish it was off to Shannon's house for some grillin' and chillin'. John (Shannon's boyfriend...opps fiance now) cooked up some incredible burgers. We sat out on the lawn and had a nice time. I didn't really drink too much because I had to drive (bummer for my b-day) I just nursed a glass of wine.

Saturday: Up and at it. Had errands to run and things to do in preparation for Mommy K and my night of scrapping. We spent the majority of the day printing pictures, organizing supplies and getting things ready to go. Before we knew it, it was off to Archiver's for the night. We spent too much (but we always do) but we also got a great start on her baby album. Several pages completed and others were planned (to be completed this week). When all is said and done, I will post on pics for you on my scrap pages blog. We headed home a little after 11 and straight to bed but so much for sleep because guess what was coming on just as I crawled just can't turn off Footloose, so of course I had to watch some of it before falling asleep.

Sunday: Slept in just a little and then helped Mr. Cheeky pack. He is off to Chicago for the week. After everyone got ready, Mommy K, the kids and I headed out to the Mall of America where we spent all day shopping and taking pictures and basically looking like tourists. I made a major purchase at the Bare Escentuals store (my little gift to myself). I have always wanted to try this stuff and after doing the demo, I was hooked (I talked Mommy K into getting it for herself too - ummm moral of this story - don't shop with me unless you want to be talked in to getting stuff...hehe). I was very proud of the kids. They went were the adults wanted to go, no whining about riding the rides (from the man child).

We had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. I had been there before in another city. We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed it! It was a little on the pricey side for the family but its ok for a little treat now and then. The crab dip was incredible.

On the way home, the "hot now" sign at Krispy Kreme was lit so of course we had to stop and get a dozen of those little pieces of heaven. I have been good so far, haven't touched a single one of them.....yet...hehe.

Turned in a little early last night. Knew it was going to be a long busy week ahead.

Cheeky who is singing (and showing her age)....a little Wham - You put the boom boom into my heart, You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts. Jitterbug into my brain, Goes bang bang bang till my feet do the same. But something's bugging me Something ain't right My best friend told me What you did last night. Left me sleeping In my bed. I was dreaming But I should've been with you instead.

Wake me up before you go go, Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo. Wake me up before you go go, I don't wanna miss it when you hit that high Wake me up before you go go, 'Cause I'm not planning on going solo. Wake me up before you go go, Take me dancing tonite. I wanna hit that high...

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


This shoutout is for Patti! Girl you are the best. Why am I giving her a shout out? 'Cause in honor of the Cheekster's b-day (yeah that's me) she sent me a care package with all the goodies from down home (umm everything that was in my Thursday Thirteen a few weeks back) plus a little extra goody or two. I am just in awe of your generousity girl! You so totally Rock!!!!

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Thursday Thirteen......

It's the Muppet Show....with our very special guest star - Cheeky!

In honor of my birthday (which is tomorrow by the way so if you haven't sent me your present you better get to it), I decided to buy myself a little gift - the first season of the Muppet Show on DVD. I LOVE the Muppet show! Yeah - I know I am a big kid you don't have to tell me. So for today's Thursday Thirteen - I give you some of my favorite (although there are sooooo many) muppets:

Its time to play the music, its time to light the lights, its time to meet the muppets on the muppet show tonight. Its time to put on make-up, its time to dress up right, Its time to raise the curtian on the muppet show tonight....

Waldorf: Why do we always come here?
Statler: I guess we'll never know
Waldorf: It like a kind of torture
Both: To have to watch the show

And now lets get things started, why don't you get things started, its time to get things started on the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational, this is what we call the Muppet Show! (Trivia fact: The verses that Waldorf and Statler sing were added after the first season - originally Kermit sang this part to introduce the guest star).

#1 - Kermit the Frog - Kermit is not only the host of the muppet show but the glue that holds the show together when things start going haywire. He is also the object of Miss Piggy's affection. Trivia fact: He was the first muppet created and started performing in 1955.

#2 - Miss Piggy - She is the superstar of the show appearing in sketches such as Veternarian's Hospital and Pigs in Space. Trivia fact: As with all ladies of fashion, Miss Piggy is always changing her look - as a matter of fact, she changed 8 times during the run of the show.

#3 - Beaker - This is the anxiety ridden assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and only the Dr. can understand him. He is always falling victim to the botched experiments of Dr. Honeydew, but being the trooper that he is, he keeps coming back for more.

#4 - Animal - He is the drummer for The Orchestra and The Electric Mayhem (and what a fine drummer he is too). He can be summed up into just 5 simple words: Sex, Food, Sleep, Drums, and Pain. No one is sure where he came from but its probably best you don't ask.

#5 - Scooter - He is the "go 'fer" of the show. You know, go for this, go for that. His Uncle owns the theater in which the show is performed. He tries his best and works pretty hard for the show.

#6 - Waldorf and Statler - The two old men that sit in the balcony and heckle the shows performers (ahhh they are my heros...hehe). Trivia Fact - In one episode, Waldorf got tired of Statler and asked his wife Astoria to join him (he looks like Statler in drag...hehe).

#7 - Gonzo the Great (aka the Great Gonzo) - This "whatever" performs various stunts on the show and has a serious thing for chickens. His girlfriend, Camilla, is a chicken (and fine one at that). Trivia fact: After the first season it was decided that Gonzo needed a little more energy so he was given moving eyelids.

#8 - Floyd Pepper - Bass player for The Electric Mayhem. He is one cool dude and is very close with Janice (wonder if they have a little thing going on the side...a little hanky panky behind the curtians???). Trivia fact: In the first season his eyes were only sunglasses.

#9 - Dr. Teeth - Leader and Keyboard player for The Electric Mayhem. He is one righeous dude that keeps the band together. Trivia fact: He was based on New Orleans singer and musician Dr. John.

#10 - Rowlf the Dog - The laid back philosophising, piano playing dog. He is great at upstaging the other "actors" even when he is in the back. He is the main character in Veternarian's Hospital playing the role of Dr. Bob. Trivia fact: He was originally created for the Jimmy Dean show in the 60's.

#11 - Fozzie Bear - The resident comedian that tells bad jokes and is seriously insecure. He often performs comedy monologues and also stars in the recurring sketch Bears on Patrol. Trivia fact: His color changed after the first season. He was originally a darker brown/orange.

#12 - Wayne and Wanda - The singing duo which Sam the Eagle holds dear to his heart. Something always went wrong during their performances so they were eventually fired by Kermit. Trivia fact: They returned in the episode with Linda Lavin (you know the chic from Alice) but were immediately fired again.

#13 - Link Hogthrob - The Captian of the Swinetrek from the sketch Pigs in Space. He is very macho, very tough but also very dimwitted. He has also performed in Bears on Patrol. Trivia fact: Pigs in Space debuted in the episode with Milton Berle.

There it is - my tribute to the Muppets. There are so many that I didn't mention but are still near and dear to me. The Swedish Chef (bork bork bork), Lydia the Tattoed Lady (you have to see this episode - its just wrong...hehe), Lew Zealand the boomerang fish thrower, Sweetums the big ole snuggly monster with a heart of gold, Zoot the sax player who doesn't have much to say.......I could go on and on.

So, did ya play? Tell me tell me I wanna see.

Cheeky - who in honor of the Muppets is singing......Mahna Mahna do doo be do do....Mahna Mahna do do-do do....Mahna mahna do doo be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do be do-do-doodle do do do-doo do!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And now....the pics....

Here it is folks - the Kiss Coffehouse! Is that cool or what?

Check out this boot - it is sooooo massive!

One of the coolest things about this place was the bathroom - I have never taken a picture of a public restroom but this one deserved it.....

Check out this sink...

There was a huge black light in there that made everything glow (including my panties...haha - I almost took a pic of that too...LOL) - Check out the toilet paper....

All in all it was really really cool - I was just disappointed that all the merchandise was sold out.

This is Mommy K and Baby Duncan at the airport in Myrtle Beach - I am so excited that they came back with me.

Cheeky - who is still recouping (and needs to hurry up so she can party on her b-day in 2 days) and not a happy camper this morning because she has to go to the dentist - I hate the dentist....I get so stressed out over a simple cleaning.....

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Made it back......and brought the heat with me

I have made it back to Minnefreakinsota. Mommy K, Baby Duncan and I got back around ummmm 5ish central time yesterday.

Had a GREAT GREAT GREAT time but I will be writing a few "letters" once I am settled in. Let me explain......first of all, I went to the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach on Sunday! I was all stoked about going and was prepared to spend some serious moolah in this joint. But.....every thing was sold out! Excuse me? Hello? Gene, your suppliers are not doing their job. So, the only think I could buy was some coffee (duh!) which I had this morning and it is FABULOUS! And I have some pics to share soon. They had the coolest bathroom I have ever seen! Seriously, even the toilet paper was cool (and yes I took a picture of that too). So, I am gonna send Gene a letter telling him I came all the way from Minnefreakinsota just to visit his place and well, because they could not keep it supplied properly he didn't get as much of my money as he could have (think I will get anything "special" out of my letter writing campaign? - I won't tell him I already bought stuff from the website...hehe).

The second letter I will be writing will be to Delta Air Lines because they employ the nastiest biotches on the planet to work as their air waitresses (now if you are a flight attendant, I am sure you are a good one and no disrespect to you, but in this case this old bat was an air waitress). She was even nasty to the second flight attendant (and she wasn't happy about it either). Sweetie if you don't like your job - do us all a favor and quit mmmmkay??

My third letter will be to the airport in Minnefreakinsota. We were off the plane and sitting in baggage claim for over an hour waiting for the little monitor to show us which carousel our bags were on. Only after walking up and down the claim area did we see that they were pushed to a corner waiting for us. Umm hello, I would have taken them a loooong time ago (oh and the monitor STILL didn't show where they were). People, I worked at an airport for over 3 years - its not that hard.

I haven't decided when I start putting pen to paper if I am going to complain about the service at the restaurant at the airport in hotlanta. Quite frankly, I really don't think they give a rip!

But really, I did have a FABULOUS time! I ate tons of GREAT food (and I only gained 2 pounds - not bad for someone who didn't exercise while on vacation like she should have). Got to do some things I always said I was gonna do, ran out of time for others (hmmm I guess I need another trip down in a few weeks huh?). I bought some really cool stuff too (cause its my birthday week and its all about me! B... I hope you laughed when you read that...hehe).

So now I am off to catch up on the blogs and I hear its time for another round of the RFS Blog Awards- woot woot!

Cheeky - who wonders - if she will get nominated for the RFS awards and IF she does, will it be for the category of the blogger who most secretly wants to be an Elvis impersonator, or perhaps Blog Queen '06!

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cheeky got tagged.....awww they do love me...

The Naked Nerd tagged me with this because he said he likes the way I write - I just think he likes to inflict curses on unsuspecting passers by...hehe. I hope I don't keep in mind I am not at my house in Minnefreakinsota so some of these answers may be different if I were there.

1. The book nearest me - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling. The teeanage daughter let me borrow her copy so I would have something to read on the plane - I have to say - its not bad (and I loved the movie...I mean come on - who wouldn't want to go to a school like Hogwarts?)

2. Stretch out left arm what do you touch? - Empty CD cases on my friends desk.

3. Last thing watched on television? - A commercial and it was so bad I can't even remember what is was....guess that ad agency needs to be replaced huh?

4. Without looking what time is it? - Umm I dunno - its in the afternoon sometime - Geesh who worries about what time it is when they are at the beach?

5. What actual time is it? - 2:08pm

6. With the exception of the computer what can you hear? - It's pretty quiet here right now - I do hear some kids outside playing.

7. When did you last step outside? - Ummm about an hour or so ago and the weather is mahvalous!

8. Before this survey what did you look at? - My email - just wanted to see who was missing me while I have been someone absent from blog land.

9. What are you wearing? - Collared shirt - blue (kinda like a polo shirt but not really). Blue jean shorts (that are loooooose - wooohooo!) and my painted toes (they are too cute ya'll).

10. Did you dream last night? - No, I don't think so - but then again it could have been a really elaborate one just can't remember it...damn!

11. When did you last laugh? - About 2 minutes ago reading Naked Nerd's responses.

12. What is on the walls in the room? - Couple of pictures, a really cool Far Side calendar that I gave my friend - cause that is the kind of friend I am - have to spread the insanity and my twisted sense of humor (Far Side Rocks!).

13. Seen anything weird lately? - Umm am I awake? I see weird crap all the time, just last night I saw a weird look in the eyes of the lobster that I ate - think he was mad at me?

14. What do you think of this quiz? - Not too bad - I was thinking it might get all personal ya know - asking questions like - if you were a pair of underwear what kind would you be? Crazy crap like that...hehe.

15. What is the last film you saw? - All the way through without falling asleep? Hmmm, Shallow Hal - it was on yesterday while I was baby sitting baby Duncan (who by the way I am kidnapping and bringing him back home with me - ok his Mom is coming too so don't be going and calling the FBI on me - their file is already thick enough....).

16. Tell me something we don't know - Now this is a good one because I tell a lot of random crap - OK I will tell ya'll this but if I ever hear it repeated I will deny I ever said it mmmkay? Sheesh - I can't believe I am about to type this....BUT...the summer in Minnefreakinsota ain't half bad....hehe.

17. If you could change one thing about the world, what would you do? - I would find a way to take the large quantities of material in the bootay (you know - fat) and inject it into the bosom area - cause with losing weight comes shrinkage and this is just NOT acceptable (and you thought I was gonna get all serious didn't ya? - well I am about this).

18. Do you like to dance? - Well yeah but it kinda resembles Elaine from Seinfeld so I only do it alone in the house.....unless of course I want to embarras the people I am with.

19. George Bush? - Hmmm I tend to stay away from politcal questions...

20. Imagine your first child is a girl - Ooooohhh hard one - the first real child IS a girl - of course the practice child was/is a dog.

21. Imagine your first child is a boy - If I would have had the man child first - he might have been an only child.....just kidding. But the teenage daughter does look a lot like Mr. Cheeky as a girl so does that count?

22. Would you consider living abroad? - Yep! But the question is, would they send me back?

23. What would God say to you when you reach the pearly gates? - I just want to know what is up with the mosquitos? I mean - in the beginning did you make something (say like a dragon fly) and then satan make something (like a blood sucking skeeter) and you were trying to one up each other?

23. 6 people who will do this quiz - Ohhh this is where I get to pass this on to others. Ok, EA cause she loves me (hehe) and well her FIL has been imposing work into her blog time - this way she will say she HAD to do it because I will make songs get stuck in her head if she doesn't do this (you know songs like....she was dancin', and singin, and movin with the groovin and just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted play that funky music white boy). Gracie - cause I like the way she thinks. Jen - cause I know she likes these sorts of things (at least I am hoping she does). Patti cause this way I can get to know a little more about her since I didn't get to meet her on my trip this time (bummer). Robin - cause she is a hoot! (but she is on vacay too so she won't see this until after she gets back). And finally Lee - cause we are Carolina girls and we have to stick together!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yeah....I made it.....

So here I am in beautiful Charleston, SC. The trip was uneventful except for the fact that the idiots in Minnefreakinsota decided they needed to rummage through my bags before putting them on the plane and in the process damaged my bag! Had to get up at the butt crack of dawn and go to the aiport (that would be 4am). Slept a little on the plane but not as much as I would have liked then drove from Myrtle Beach to Charleston. First stop, to go smooch on baby Duncan. A friend from highschool was also down visiting the little man so I got to see her for a few minutes as well.

I am pretty much whipped. Plane rides and early morning rises will do that to a person. I am going to hit the sack soon and get up early and go do my daily exercise before going in to the office for the day. It will be nice to see everyone again (especially since losing some poundage...hehe).

Tomorrow night - its dinner at La Hacienda - love it! I will be taking the camera so I can take some pics and share with you. I am trying to be good with eating - notice I said "trying".....LOL

Its hot, its hot dadburn is hot - 90 degree under the trees its hot....LOL. It is taking me a little to get used to the humidity again - but you won't hear me complaining~!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane....

I don't know when I'll be back again....

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go......I hate to wake you up to say goodbye.....

By the time you read this I will be flying high above the clouds....I am getting up at the butt crack of dawn to hop a plane to the South!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and I will catch up with all your adventures tomorrow night. I will be posting on my stay tuned....

Cause I'm leavin on a jet plane....I don't know when I'll be back again....

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The Kitty Wars

As many of you know - I am house sitting 2 new kittys this week. The videos below are the introduction they received from my kitty. The lady in the videos is the mommy of these two kitties.

This is my kitty meeting the girl - Sugar

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This is my kitty meeting the boy - Taz

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Video Sharing

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