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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am a lazy girl.....

Yeah, I had lots of good intentions for this weekend....yeah...didn't happen. I did play in my crafty room however and get made a few cards for my new crafty blog. I did mow the lawn. In.the.heat. Ummmm I did get groceries. And I did shop but that is about it. L.A.Z.Y.

In my defense this is the first weekend in a while where we were not running here and running there. Just needed a weekend of not doing much. And apparently the "lazy" was catching because the teenage daughter laid around all day yesterday too. Sometimes you just need a little lazy to get you thought.

This week is going to be a busy one for everybody. Teenage daughter needs to finish registering for college here in SC. Manchild has to get registered for 7th grade (in our district you have to register every year even if you are not new). Its time for back to school shopping and teenage daughter wants to take the manchild and pick out his clothes this year. She has good taste so he "should" be styling for back to school. I need to work on a little scrapbook to send to a friend. Nothing too major but its time to get back in the swing of things around this place.

Cheeky - who hopes the internets were not as lazy as the peeps in her house this weekend.....

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