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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Every Neighborhood Has One

And so, in this neighborhood, I guess its going to be me. What am I gonna be you ask? Well, the crazy cat lady of course! Just this week stray kitty #2 has shown up at my door step. If you will recall, stray kitty #1 (otherwise known as Kitty Britches) showed up back in October and has been here ever since. Of course, Kitty Girl and Fat Jack aren't completely "thrilled" with this but they are tolerant for the most part. There are times where Kitty Girl goes all "alfa-female" and gets froggy but usually they all co-exist quite well. At night they call a truce and all sleep in the bed. Yep - all.three.cats in the bed. Of course, now that the weather has turned warm, she spends the majority of her day outside but always comes in at night. This is her spot on the sofa and you better not be sitting in it when its time to come in for the night:

So apparently, miss Britches has been talking up how good she has it here at Chez Cheeky because word has gotten out and I have the occasional kitty run through the yard from time to time until this little baby - stray kitty #2 also known as "Squeaker" or "Squeaky" or "Little Squeaks" (you know me, all my babies have more than one name) shows up and has stayed so far. See, she showed up 2 days ago and started looking in the window of my back door - much like she is doing in this pic.

Curious little thing but pretty wild. She wouldn't let you get near her on the first day. Day 2 (yesterday), she let me get a little closer, I was on the bottom step of the deck and she was on the deck. Then, late last night, it happened. I went outside with some food and she came up to me and squeaked the tiniest little squeak and started going around in circles rubbing all over me. She didn't want me to leave her. Of course she won't let me pick her up (yet) and she won't she won't sit on my lap (yet) but that is just a matter of time - I am the Cat Whisperer after all. Today - she got a little more adventurous and has been stepping inside the back door to look around. Fat Jack is curious but Squeaker is not intimidated (like Britches is) by the massive 22 pound behemoth of a cat that is Fat Jack. Kitty Girl isn't happy about another baby at - but I expected nothing less from her. The jury is still out with Britches and her opinion of Squeaker. I did get the stink eye from her a time or two today but I have had a little talk with her and reminded her not so long ago she needed love too.

Now other than being ugly (but oh so cute), and tiny, and squeaking (seriously, she squeaks - she doesn't meow), she also has a wonky eye. One eye is normal with the pupil going up and down like its supposed to, but the other eye - its side ways. The pupil goes horizontal. Here, take a look:

But I think it just adds to her charm. And I think she is a little on the "special" side. You know the "doh ti doh" kind. Not sure on that one yet since I am just getting to know her. It could just be that she is so overcome with emotion that she can't contain herself. Now of course, I have been "told" that this new baby is "NOT" coming in the house and will "NOT" be sleeping in the bed. I just smile and nod cause Squeaker and I have other plans...hehe. But until then, I have made sure she has a warm place to sleep (this was Britches' first "home" too)...

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