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Monday, August 22, 2011

Its the return of Alarm Kitty!

So last week, school started back for the manchild. Which means of course, that he now has to get up early. So, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday he was up early and doing his thing to get ready for school. Saturday rolls around and manchild is all sorts of giddy because he can finally sleep in. Well....that's what he thought. See, the alarm kitty (otherwise known as Fat Jack), thought that manchild was supposed to be awake....and decided to roll into manchild's room and proceed to yell (not meow...yell) until manchild was awake! HA!! Once you get alarm kitty on a schedule, he sticks to it and he doesn't know a weekend from a week day.

In other weekend news, we went to the MMA fights on Saturday. It was much more fun that I thought it was going to be. The crowd had their favorites and it was very apparent - we do live in redneck country after all (hehe). Not a bad night out. Manchild enjoyed it too I think. Would gladly go again next time they have it.

While I was in Charleston on Friday, made a trip down to Trader Joe's (oh how I miss Trader Joe's - we had one close to us when we lived in MN). While there, I got an old favorite - 3 buck Chuck and have been enjoying that this weekend as well.

I will try to do better this week on keeping the blog up. With the start of school, the schedules have been a little off but we are getting back in the swing of things here at Chez Cheeky!

Cheeky - who is off to play bus driver to the manchild....

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