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Friday, November 30, 2007

My Domestic Side is MIA!

So remember a few weeks ago I was all worried that I was sick cause I was being all domestic? Well yeah, its gone. I have no motivation. Oh sure I trudge along and do the things I have to do but the joy of doing it is gone (see I told ya I was sick - I enjoyed it). I am sure it will return but leaving me high and dry just as the holiday season starts - well it just ain't right.

Oh speaking of holiday season, there is a glitch in my plan to get the lights up this weekend. See, Mr. Cheeky doesn't come home until tonight, after dark. So its not gonna happen tonight and well Saturday we are expected to get more of the "S" word than I care to think about (yes its gonna have to be shoveled - yes it would be enough to plow if I had one). So, if there is that "S" stuff coming down then the lights are not going to go up. AND Mr. Cheeky leaves out again on Sunday so there is a small little window there to get the lights up. I am not pleased with this scenario.

Since it appears that I am going to be inside this weekend, I am going to finish up addressing my cards. I know its early so I am not going to mail them just yet. So, if you want one, its not too late to send me that address and let me know.

Cheeky - who is in search of the domestic side - do you think its hiding under the sofa with the ghost turds?

Updated: my email address to send me those addresses for the cards: cheekygrin30 at yahoo dot com

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

RIP - Fat Pappaw - we'll miss you.

I received a call from my Mom last night. They had just gotten back from spending an extended holiday weekend in Savannah with the family when they got the news. Fat Pappaw has died from colon cancer. Fat Pappaw (real name Lloyd) was my Aunt Betty's first husband (Aunt Betty died in July of 03). He is the father to my first cousins Debra Ann, Linda (ya'll think Paula Dean is funny - you ain't heard nuthin until you get these two together) and Boy (Lloyd Jr.) who is closer to my Dad's age. He was "Fat Pappaw" to my second cousins Lisa and Marie (who are my age). I didn't know him as Uncle Lloyd. I knew him as Fat Pappaw.

To Debra Ann, Linda, and Boy:
I am sorry that I can't be there with ya'll during this time. I hope you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I love you very much.

And while we are on the subject, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the death of my friend Lisa. Cancer took her too.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A few loose screws

Ya know, everywhere I turn in this house I am finding some sort of loose screw. On my bathroom door (its a sliding door, yes I hate it), on my laundry room door (also a slider and I hate it), on my sun glasses, etc. Just I look at something and the screw is loose. AND it always happens when Mr. Cheeky is traveling. Good thing I am handy with tools.

Oh speaking of tools, I have a confession. Did you know that I am quite the accomplished burglar? Seriously, I am good. I was reminded of my skills this past weekend when I had to break into the man child's bathroom (not a slider). Let me explain. When I was a kid, people at my house would have this habit of locking themselves out of the house. But never fear, a young cheekster would soon be there to save the day. Yep, at the ripe old age of 8 (or maybe younger - I think it was younger) I could break in the house and save the day. It used to be that I would crawl in through the laundry room window (I was small enough to fit in it those days), then, I learned how to pop the lock on the sliding glass door in the back (that is when Mom decided it might be a good idea to put a stick in the track to stop that from happening).

Over the years I have had to break in my own house in one form or another. Fast forward to Charleston, SC. It was January. The kids were staying the night at a friends house and I was doing housework. Mr. Cheeky was traveling. I was in my night shirt, no shoes and decided to take out the trash. The door closed behind me and was locked. Oh joy! I went to my neighbors to get a screwdriver (cause the garage wouldn't open without the remote and umm it was in the car). They didn't answer. So, I walked about 4 blocks to another friends house (in my nightshirt and barefoot and it was in the 30's brrrr) to get a screwdriver. He drove me back and I proceeded to break in again through the sliding glass door. I just - well I am not going to give away secrets on how I did it but lets just say it didn't take anytime at all and there was no damage to the lock or door.

Back to this weekend. I took Mr. Cheeky to the airport and when I got home I was met at the door by teenage daughter.

TD: Are you in a good mood?
Cheeky: Why?
TD: Put on that happy face I have something to tell you.
Cheeky: What was broken?
TD: Come upstairs

(such a drama queen that one...LOL)

Manchild had managed to lock and shut is bathroom door. From the outside. I don't know how. I don't care how.

Cheeky: Go get me a phillips head.

And I proceeded to take the door handle off and open the door. Getting the handle off wasn't the problem. The new locks are getting trickier and it took me longer than I expected to get it open. But I managed once again.

So if you ever lock yourself out and need to break in your own home, gimme a call.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The first tragedy of the holiday season

So yesterday morning I was working away upstairs and getting the manchild his breakfast before school. Things were running smoothly and that is when I heard it. The sound of glass breaking from downstairs. Crap! The cats must be playing under the tree again. So I go downstairs and start looking under the tree. Nothing but presents. Hmmmm.... I look around and halfway across the room I find this......

It appears that Mr. Sylvester (aka the cat that likes to hork and hide it) has decided that he likes to play with the NEW (let me repeat that NEW - as in just bought on Friday new) glass ornaments! So because I watch so much CSI and learned a thing or two (and because I have since witnessed this), I have deduced that Sylvester was taking the ornament in his mouth and tossing it up in the air then batting it around with his paw playing with it. Just so happens that when the ornament landed on the carpet it hit the corner of a DVD case (Elf in case you were wondering) and shattered into the carpeting. Now why couldn't he do this with an old crappy one? Why did he pick my new one?

Since throwing around the ornaments is something that Sylvester seems to enjoy I suspect that I will be seeing more tragedies as the holiday continues.

Oh and for the record - its now officially cold! Current temp is 7! with a windchill at -10!


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Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday/Weekend Update

We had a really nice holiday. The food and company was great. I called the neighbor to borrow her paper to get the sales ads and plan my attack.

Up at 3:00am out the door by 3:15. I was the FIRST person in line at Target. They opened at 6:00. I was only there by myself for about 10 mins or so and then I was joined by another lady. Another 5 mins and another one showed up. It was the three of us for about 1/2 hour or so. They were really nice and chatting with them really made the time standing in 18 degree weather go by fairly quickly. People started trickling in. The first 10 of us in line were all there for something different and we made a pact that we would help each other out to get what we wanted. We also decided that we would meet there again same time next year (if the deals are right). Despite the cold we were all laughing and having a good time just being there. Its nice to see those with such a good attitude when you always hear the stories about those that are always fighting on days like this.

I was in the store, did my shopping, and was back home in bed by 6:45. I got everything I wanted. This trip together with the few online things I ordered pretty much sums up my shopping. I have a few small items and Mr. Cheeky's gift and I am done ya'll!

After a few hours sleep, I was up again and then took the man child to hockey practice. Came home and started wrapping the gifts. Later that night, we got the first tree up and decorated.

Few things around the house to get Mr. Cheeky ready for travel. Back to hockey practice. I wrapped the rest of the gifts while man child was out of the house. We planned on getting the second tree (this one real) but ran out of time. We will get it next weekend when Mr. Cheeky gets back. Took Mr. Cheeky to the airport and then I took the kids out to dinner. That was about it, not very exciting but I like it that way.

Spent some time on the treadmill. Ran to the craft store to get a few things and the man child had a hockey game. That was about it.

This week will be busy. Teenage daughter starts drivers ed so I will be waiting in the car and as soon as she gets off the bus we are on our way. She has this for the next 2 1/2 weeks then its permit time - oh joy. Also, man child has karate practice and hockey pictures this week too so it will be a lot of running around for me.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


(this image was "borrowed" from Nap Warden - ain't she talented ya'll?)

I am thankful that I have so many things to be thankful for. I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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Finding new reads

I was updating my blogroll the other day and I thought to myself "hmmmm I wonder how people find me" and then I read a similar post from Caroline.

There are days that I would just do the little "next blog" tab at the top there and find people (that is how I found TKW way back when) but I really don't like doing that much anymore because there is so much porn out there and yeah, that ain't what I am lookin for. Don't believe me? Just try it. I bet within the next 6 blogs one of them will be porn.

Then there are times that I will find new reads by lurking on the blogrolls of people I read regularly. I will start lurking around who they are reading and if I like them I will start commenting and then a new link is formed.

Sometimes, I will read the comments from another blogger to one of my friends and I think "oh this person is a hoot" and then I start reading them too.

I found a lot of my original peeps back in day from SPF and Thursday Thirteen.

So, how do you find new peeps? And how did you find me?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So what do I talk about today?

OH I dunno.....things are a little calm around these parts so I will just give you a little randomness.

Check your mail, all the Turkey day cards are out! This is my first attempt at a Turkey day card so let me know what you think. If you want on the Christmas list, better send me that address quick!

Mr. Cheeky came home Friday night. He will be here through the week and then leave again on Saturday night.

I have already started my Christmas shopping and a few gifts are already on their way - sweet!

I am going out on Black Friday - last year I won, lets see what happens this year.

This weekend, we bought a treadmill. I need it - now I have no excuse (but give me time I will find one). Everyone has been using it. Let's see how long that lasts.

That's it - that's all I got for ya today. Pathetic I know....


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Monday, November 19, 2007


I gots tagged - not by one but by two! Karen and Caroline have tagged me so here goes.

1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself
4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

So, here are 7 facts about me that you may or may not know:

1. We don't do turkey for Thanksgiving. As a kid, we always went to visit with family in Savannah over the holiday. They always had a medley of to die for seafood dishes (and for the record Mom and Dad get to partake AGAIN this year and I am missing out). As we got older and did Thanksgiving in NC there was always a buffet style meal and turkey was included but I really didn't eat it (dressing and giblet gravy - yes, turkey no). And as I had my own family, they prefer ham. So, we have ham.

2. I was never one for getting my house lights on the day or or after Thanksgiving until I moved to the tundra. Now you better get them on asap (or even before just don't turn them on yet) cause you never know when the snow will hit and putting up lights in the snow just ain't gonna happen.

3. I have some of the tackiest Christmas jewelry ever owned but I love it and wear it proudly every season. AND I usually add to it every year.

4. I still like to color like I did in elementary school. I still have kids so I can get by with it. Wonder what people will think when I am an old woman with my coloring book and crayons?

5. I want to go to NY and stand in Rockefellar plaza and meet Ann, Matt, and Al. OK Merideth too but the first 3 are my favs.

6. I haven't had a pedicure since July and the birth of Ted. Ted's home is 99.9% healed. Its time for a pedicure me thinks. Even if it is winter. I still walk around barefoot in the house.

7. I really enjoy cooking meals with Mr. Cheeky. Well, until he steals my recipe and fools with it. Yeah, it turns out ok but it was MY recipe....LOL.

There you have it - 7 things. I have to admit, this was harder than I anticipated. I mean I have done so many of these things ya'll already know the strange and weird about me. I am not tagging anyone - so take it if you want it!


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Friday, November 16, 2007

Gertrude is in love.....

On our trip, we took the day last Friday to go and visit with Mr. Cheeky's dad "Big O" in the nursing home. He is like 61-62 (is it bad that I don't know that) and has Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed when he was 55 and now he doesn't know anyone or anything. He seems to be doing well. He is gaining weight so he is getting good food. MIL said she goes to have lunch with him at least once a week and they always have the best food.

So, while we were visiting, there was this little old lady, Gertrude, that wanted to visit with us. She was too cute and the biggest flirt I think I have ever seen in my life. She took an instant liking to Mr. Cheeky and began flirting with him and touching him on the shoulder and trying to tickle him. Then when she was done with him she moved on to the man child. It was hilarious. She was as sweet as she could be and I don't quite think she knew exactly everything that was going on but she really was a cute little lady with an infectious laugh.

Then there was Margaret. We were sitting in the eating area which is divided into two parts. We were in one are and Margaret was in the other area talking with the physical therapist. We were trying to mind our own business but she was rather spunky and a little loud at times. At one point she said she was done talking to him and he convinced her to answer two more questions. When they were all done, she said "I'm gonna get even with you". I guess she really didn't want to answer those questions. But then she didn't want him to go. She was trying everything she could to convince him to stay. Finally she conceded that he was going to go and she said "Well, I ain't never gonna talk to you again".

It is really hard to see Big O this way but he doesn't have a care in the world and I am really thankful that he is in a place where they care for their patients so well.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome to The People's Temple

Don't worry - the kool aid is fine.

So while in NC we were visiting with my parents. Daddy has taken to making wine and decided that he needed me to sample some. Now how in the world he would think that I would be a wine aficionado I have no idea (snicker).

The first wine was a sweet white wine. It was tasty but I don't think I would want to drink more than a glass of it at a time. Too sweet for more than one. It reminded me of the homemade muscadine wine's of yesteryear. Daddy told me what it was made of but I forget.

The second wine wasn't even made from a fruit. It told me how he did it and then said he decided it needed a little more flavor and he added a grape kool aid package. He gave me a glass and that is what it tasted like - spiked kool aid - so I asked him what he was trying to do - give me Jim Jones Juice?! It actually wasn't half bad. Definitely something you could end up drinking a little too much of if you weren't careful.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We are Back!!

Oh we had a great time. Really. Nobody got cranky, nobody yelled**, we lauged a lot, and basically enjoyed each other's company. Even the kids. Shocking I know.

There are lots of things to tell from this trip so I am going to spread it out over the next couple of posts. I mean, really, who wants to read a novella of a post right?

Let me start with a few PSA's for today:

To the toilet in the MN airport bathroom,
I know this is a big pick up spot. I did not tap the floor with my foot, I did not reach my hand under the stall. BUT dear toilet, why oh why did you have to auto flush like 5 times while I was sitting there. Seriously. I wasn't dropping a stink pickle or anything so I know you weren't doing a courtesy flush for me. Every time I dried off from one flush you would do it again, spraying my backside yet again. I didn't enjoy this little dance and I am sure others don't as well.

To the TSA Agent guarding the exit door,
Sweetie, I know this job is long and hard and really boring, but do you really think you are making me feel safe when you are snoozing while guarding the exit door? You are supposed to be watching to make sure people don't come through there but go through the security area......this door is for LEAVING the security area. Snoozing at said post is not a wise move honey. I am just sayin.

To the drivers in MN,
I was in my car for 10 mins,10 mins and ya'll cut me off no less than 3 times during this time limit. Now I know why I have road rage. Even my kids now know why I have road rage.

To the passengers on the plane (from the teenage daughter),
Gas happens. We know this but please move to the back of the plane into the restrooms before trying to suffocate the rest of the plane. I mean, its not like they use a lot of fresh air on those things.

**I almost lost my cool one morning during the trip. I had had little sleep and man child has developed this habit of arguing back (its the age but still drives me nuts), he was fussing at me because he I didn't pack his belt. It was turning ugly. Mr. Cheeky stepped in to save the morning. We stopped for coffee and manchild went in with Mr. Cheeky and brought me a peace offering....a pack of skittles and a sundrop! I got 2 swigs of the sundrop (he drank the rest) and I only got a few of the skittles but it was the bribe that counts.

More to come tomorrow. Here is a little teaser for ya: Jim Jones Juice!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Look out Charlotte here we come!

So we are off to the Christmas Show this morning. It will be yours truly, Teenage Daughter, My Neice, MIL, and My Aunt. Any sort of mayhem may break out at any moment during the trip. It is currently 7:56AM and we are heading out in the next few minutes. Yes, I have my camera. Yes, I will be using it. Yes, I will be posting pictures BUT that will not be until I get back home late Tuesday afternoon.

We kicked Mr. Cheeky out this morning and he is currently on the road on his way to Virginia.

Hope ya'll have a GREAT Monday and I will be catching up reading ya'll later this evening.

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Friday, November 09, 2007


So last night at 10pm someone pulls in the drive....and what to our wondering eyes should appear.....Mr. Cheeky's long lost bag. After of course we went and bought new draws (southern for underwear), socks, and toothbrush LOL.

More updates later.......

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

If you were a fly on the wall

You may have heard the following little tidbits from the adventures of the Cheeky family (and remember we are less than 24 hours into the trip)

* "I'm gonna chicken slap you"

* "OK who just ruined the new car smell?"

* "You are just like the government, when you run out of money you just ask for more"

* "You ignorant retarded donkey" (this one got lots of laughs)

* "Yeah, you are full of something"

Teenage Daughter: "What's that smell?
Cheeky: "I just ate a rolaids"
Mr. Cheeky: "I just farted"
Teenage Daughter: "Smells good"

Cheeky: "I might get my hair cut off"
Teenage Daughter: "Well you know the deal"
Cheeky: "I don't negotiate about my hair"
Teenage Daughter: "I don't negotiate with terrorists"

Ahhh yes it is a barrel of laughs around here. Except for Mr. Cheeky. His bag has yet to show up. They can't find it. Luckily, I had put in a pair of jeans and a shirt of his in my bag. It got lost in Atlanta. He leaves Monday to drive to Virginia. Hopefully we will have it before then or we have to get him all new business clothes for work.

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We made it

Rolled into MIL's house just before 2am. Good trip - got some fug for ya..hehe! I just wanted to drop a quick note - need to sleep more - will update more later today.


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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I feel you need an explanation...

Of the Committee (snicker). See two days ago I was left the following comment in regards to my suggestion of leaving town:

"What am I supposed to read while you are away? I do not remember this trip being cleared with the committee*.

*This committee is a made-up organization I invented to sound official. :)"

And so in yesterday's post, I had to comfort said committee that there's no need to fear - Cheeky will be here!

T-minus ummm 11 hours and counting and we will be flying the friendly skies once again. I like this airline so I am hopeful things will go well.

Since I haven't sung in a while, let me leave you with this little ditty.....sing with me now, you know you want to.....

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

All my memories, gather round her
Miners lady, stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads

I hear her voice, in the mornin hours she calls to me
The radio reminds me of my home far a-way
And drivin down the road I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Country roads, take me home
To the place, I be-long
West virginia, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads


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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So Much to do.....

So I have today and tomorrow before we all head out to NC for an extended weekend. Really extended. Like Wednesday night through next Tuesday extended. We have to get everyone packed and ready to go. Not only with clothes but for things to keep us occupied on the plane. Games, food, music, books, etc.

We will be going to visit both sides of the family in NC. Thursday and Friday we have various people to see but will also be hitting all those favorite local food joints that we love so much. Saturday its Mr. Cheeky's side and on Sunday we are doing an early Thanksgiving with my side. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sister, Parents. The whole crowd.

Monday, Mr. Cheeky will be driving up to Virginia for work and Teenage Daughter and I (along with MIL, Mom, and my Aunt and whoever else decides to go) will be hitting the Christmas show - oh yes, we will. I am gonna shop till I drop. I will take the camera and let ya'll see the glory that is the Christmas show.

Tuesday, me and the kids will be headed back to MN while Mr. Cheeky stays in VA until the end of the week.

For those of you who are members of the committee** - don't worry - there will be time for posting little updates along the way. I can't say that I will get around to visiting everyone while I am gone but I promise I will catch up when I get back.


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Monday, November 05, 2007

Its the Weekend Update with your hostess with the mostess - Cheeky!

OK just so ya'll know, I had all sorts of things planned for this weekend. Yes, I did. Those plans might have changed cause I didn't want to do them - just sayin.

So Friday night, we decided to go out for dinner (yes, I laid something out but wasn't in the mood for it) so manchild picked the restaurant. He loves this place and I have to admit I don't mind it. So we have two. One a few miles north one a few miles south. We headed south because it was close to Target and we needed to get a few things after dinner. Had to wait to be seated (I hate that when I am hungry). Got in and got our drinks and appetizer lighting fast. But then service came to a screeeching halt. I think little Zach forgot to put our order in and then the tables around us, that were seated after us, all came in ate, got the check and left and we didn't even have our food yet. When he realized what he had done, he brought over some more appetizers until our food came out. Its a mistake, it happens. We didn't get too upset over it.

After dinner we went to Target and that is when I saw it. It was all I could do not to buy it right then and there - I need it. I must have it. But I walked away - this time. Not sure if I can do that next time. What is it you ask? Egg Nog - the cheap stuff - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Came home and became a Legend of Rock (Guitar Hero III).

Saturday - the plan was to paint - ummm yeah that didn't happen. We got a few things done around the house. Starting getting things ready for our trip this week (Oh I didn't tell ya - we leave Wednesday evening to go to NC). Lots of errands and things around the house but no painting.

Sunday - again with the errands. Then in the afternoon I played. Suzie came over and we scrapped for quite a few hours. I am working on a small book and got ummmm 8 pages done. I want to finish it before I go to NC so I may work on it again tonight.

That was it - exciting right?

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

I know what you are doing

Instead of working like you should are doing THIS

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Should parents be held accountable

For their childs grades? Should parents get a report card and be judged by the school system? I saw this story on the Today show the earlier in the week where school systems are putting pressure on parents and alienating them and blaming them if the kids aren't making the grade. I have an issue with this on several levels. Now as I go on this rant, please don't think that I am against parents being involved with their children. I am all for it and quite frankly I think they should be. BUT when I first heard this I have to say my first reaction was to think "for crying out loud - just ONE more thing where we blame someone else and not making the teacher and/or child accountable at all". I know this is not exactly where they are going with this but like I said that was my first reaction.

I have several issues with this.

First - Teachers have a tough job. I wanted to be one early in my life and I was lucky that in my highschool we had an internship program where I would leave school after lunch and go to the elementary school to help teach. I learned really quickly I didn't want to be a teacher after all. I learned this leasson BEFORE spending my college years studying to be a teacher. AND that was exactly what I was going to do. In my humble opinion when we went to judging teachers and their pay based on a standardized test and not for the overall quality of learning is when we started down this path that we are on now. Many (I didn't say all but many) school districts now only teach the test. The test equals money for the school. And now that is where the focus is. Somewhere the child got left out of that.

Second - All you hear is how schools need parents "help". Great. I am all for it. BUT when you have a parent that is willing to volunteer, who spends time with kids after school, who does the things that are "wanted" and then they and their child are singled out as being trouble because the parents are involved and ask questions. There is a problem there. Now I am not saying that ALL parents are stepping up to the plate and doing what they should because we all know that is not the case. You can see the lack of parenting just from going out in public and watching the little animals er children running around without discipline. There is a need here but do you think sending home a parental report card is going to change that?

Third - Not every family has the luxury of having a stay at home parent. I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to work from home at this point. Man child needs the extra attention. Teenage daughter was very different and could handle things much better than he can at this age but truth be told I think she likes that I am home when she gets here too. BUT most families don't have this opportunity. There are single parent homes (either from divorce or death of a spouse or no spouse at all) and quite frankly in those situations, the parent must work at least one and maybe 2 jobs. They want to spend more time at home but can't if they want to eat and have heat and clothes to wear. There are homes where both parents have to work. So now you want to blame them and put more pressure on them because they can't do the things that would like to do instead of working together and finding a way to help - you would rather put blame?

Fourth (and this may touch a nerve to some of you out there that are teachers - my best friend is a teacher so I know that just like everthing else there are good ones, there are mediocre ones and then there are those that just should not be there - I am addressing the mediocre and bad ones here) there are some teachers out there that just do the bare minimum to get by. THE.BARE.MINIMUM. And then when their class doesn't make the grade it becomes everyone elses fault but theirs. They didn't do their job or barely did their job and yet its someone else's fault. They are ready to turn their judgement on everyone else but themselves because they can do no wrong. Same can be said for many schools as well. They didn't do the job so now its parents fault.

Fifth - and this goes along with #4. No one is being held accountable these days. Not being accountable for your own actions is a theme that is prevalent in today's society. Oh I killed that person but it wasn't my fault - I blame my parents. Oh I embezzeled money from my company but it wasn't my fault, they should have given me a raise. Oh, I was driving drunk and killed someone but it wasn't my fault, I blame the makers of the booze. Someone else is to blame for our every action or so it would seem. So now a failing child is now the parents fault. The teacher has no blame the have "insert excuse here" to deal with. The student has no blame, they didn't have time to study because "insert excuse here". I know lets blame the parent. Now don't get me wrong, I understand there are those students that require more attention and need to work harder than others to make the grade. I am not addressing those. I am talking about your average kid that would rather do anything else than what is required of them and then blame others when things don't go their way.

Let me give you an example of my ranting here. When we moved here in Dec of 2005, I met with the teachers to let them know that we were coming. I wanted to let them know that my kids are not only moving schools but moving to a completely different part of the country and will be going through a bit of a culture shock and adjustment. The learning ciriculum was different and so if there was anything I needed to do with them at home to get them caught up let me know. Manchild's first grade teacher was great. She worked with him to get him up to speed. She liked the fact that he said "Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am". He had a good year considering all the changes.

Second grade, teacher from hell. She singled him out from the beginning. She thought he was being a smart elect for saying Ma'am to her. Umm excuse me its a respect thing and he will do it. I asked questions so I could work with him on his homework, she was defensive. We attended our conferences to be told how bad our child was behaving, how he was doing terribly etc. I was in shock. He was not acting this way at home. He didn't act this way the prior school year. But, she was the teacher and was with him all day so we supported her. He had consequences for his "actions" (she would email me that day if there was a problem). It was a rough year for him at home because we would deal out consequences for his behavior. Then, she took a leave of absence due to the death of her son. In came a sub for about 2-3 months. Our second conference was with the sub. All of a sudden he was a great student. He didn't act out anymore than the rest of the class. He was being a kid. He would follow the crowd but was not an instigator. He was doing well on his work. Total disconnect and turn around from his regular teacher. Interesting. Regular teacher comes back and I get a scathing email from her (I did a post about this when it happened). I scheduled a meeting to address the problem. Turns out SHE was the problem. She would threaten things but never follow through. Not only had she lost his trust and respect but she had lost control of the entire class however she continued to single him out (there are many specifics here but I won't go into them now). I called her on every single one. EVERY.ONE. I was not angry or in her face but rather matter of fact. I took a copy of the email she sent me to our meeting and asked for specific examples of her accusations. And when she knew I had her, she then tried to blame the fact that she was a grieving mother. Ummm I am sorry you lost your son but you were not a grieving mother at the beginning of the school year. From that moment on, I did not punish my son when I got an email from her. We talked about it, I got his version and discussed how he could handle it better and that was it.

Here we are in the third grade. I have had communication with his teacher from day one. I follow up every couple of weeks to make sure homework is being turned in (he does it daily just want to make sure it gets turned in). I make sure there are no issues etc. She and his reading and math teachers have told me how much he is a joy to have in class. There are no discipline problems. Hmmm interesting. Did my child turn into a hellion for just one grade and only while in class and then magically return back to the child we knew? OR could there be another issue here.....the teacher?

Now if we were going by the "grade the parent" thing here, I would have gotten an A in the first grade, an F in the second and currently we have an A now in the third. I didn't change. My son didn't change. What changed? The teacher. Yet by the "parental grading system" I would have failed during the second grade. Seems like a disconnect to me.

So, I have been thinking about this for a few days before doing this post. I still pretty much have the same issues with this as I did the day I heard it. What is your opinion?


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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tricks or Treats?

What did you get?? I will tell you what I got.....I got treats! Oh yes, I did! In my mailbox. Completely unexpected - the best kind! My fellow flamingo fanatic EA - yep she hooked me up. A few months back she posted a pic of some new acrylic stamps she purchased and I drooled all over my keyboard looking at them. You know what she did? She went out the next day and bought some for me and has been hanging on to them waiting to treat me on Halloween! Yes, she did! AND....she included a very cute handmade card (and ummm EA girl I am stealing the little candy corn idea inside - very cute) AND a flip flop summer stamp (that I am sure I will be using for those "random" cards after the holidays). I love getting little treats in the mail!!!

While I am at it - I have to say THANKS again to Katie for continuing to be my enabler and sending me coupons to the craft store....hehe.

See, I keep telling ya'll, its those little unexpected random things that will make you smile the biggest!

Now, I don't have pics cause Mr. Cheeky is still in Dallas with MY camera...Grrrrr!

Teenage daughter and "L" took manchild out to get the goods while I stayed home and gave out the goods. I think I did about 1500 squats because every time I sat down the doorbell would ring again. I had fun though. The kids had some manners this time which was good and better than last year. I ran out of candy about an hour and half after it all started and had to shut the door and turn out the lights. I still had a few older kids banging on the door after that. "Hey this is teenage daughter's house" BANG BANG BANG..."this is where teenage daughter lives" BANG BANG BANG then they discovered the doorbell. I was just about to rip them a new one when they decided to leave. Seriously, the lights are out, the door is shut - MOVE ON!

MY kids came back earlier than they wanted because and I quote "the bag is too heavy to carry anymore Mom"! Yes, they racked up! So, no sooner than they got in they ran downstairs for the ritual. We do this every year. It started when they were younger (so I could give a quick inspection to the goods) but now they just have fun with it. The ritual is they dump all the bags together into a huge pile (man I wish I had my camera for this), then start sorting and separating into piles. All lollipops go in one pile and all hard candy in another then everything else is separated by kind. They racked up on Reese cups and Bottle caps and Skittles (all my favs LOL). After they look at the loot they divide it amongst themselves - each taking their favs. Then what is left over goes into one container in the house. Well let me tell ya. They each have their own stash and there is still a HUGE bowl of candy in the middle of the table. HUGE! As in as much as or more than the amount I gave out!

Overall a good time was had by all! AND we didn't get any TRICKS!

Wednesday steps: 6834

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