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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


No seriously, not kidding this time. Here is the scenario. So yesterday morning I was taking the manchild to school and as I was backing out of the driveway I looked over to the side of the driveway and noticed something in the yard. I asked manchild "hey, what's that?". Of course he didn't know and then I said "Well, your Dad was working on the four wheeler in that spot yesterday, maybe he left something outside". And then I didn't think anything else of it.

Later that morning, as per our usual routine, the man and I grabbed a fresh cup o'Joe and headed out to admire our flowers. We started in the front and was making our way around the side and into the back to look at the garden when we saw it...the "thing" I saw in the grass was glass - the passenger side window to be exact. Someone had broken in to the truck. Great! Just GREAT! We were careful not to touch anything but leaned in to look inside....the glove compartment was jimmied open and empty and the center console had been rummaged through. BUT - the stupid idiots left the satellite radio....again I say...Really? You go through the trouble to break in and then don't take anything of value? (well nothing that we have noticed is missing at this point anyway).

I called the local Po-Po and the officer shows up within about 15 mins. He looked rather annoyed....not that we called but we were like number 10 on his list of people that got broken into in our neighborhood and the adjacent subdivision. He was annoyed that they got so many and didn't leave any evidence in order to catch them. Grrrrrr. Actually, after he did what he had to do, he was a nice man but I could see and understand his frustration.

So today, we are waiting for the glass company to come out and replace the glass in the truck. How frustrating....

Cheeky - who needs to train the outside kitty to be an attack kitty.....

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