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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If you just happen to be watching.....

The Twins game just might catch a glimpse of Mr. Cheeky. Yep, he is headed to the metrodome tonight to see the Twins play. His seats are right over the Twins dugout (great seats huh?). I told him he should take a sign that says "I'm Mr. Cheeky" and hold it up but he didn't see the humor in that.

I think I am over the worst of the Crud (thanks for your well wishes)....but I still have the remenants and sometimes that can be just as bad. It is really irratating to try and interview someone while you are hacking in their ear.

Not much going on at Chez Cheeky this week but you won't hear me complainig about that. Its nice to have a break every now and then (other than taking kids to lessons, picking them up from practice, yada yada yada...).

That's about it - that is all I have for today.

Cheeky - who in honor of Mr. Cheeky heading to the game is singing....some John Fogerty....

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone - the sun came out today! We're born again, there's new grass on the field. A-roundin' third, and headed for home, it's a brown-eyed handsome man; Anyone can understand the way I feel. Oh, put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; Look at me, I can be Centerfield.

Well, I spent some time in the Mudville Nine, watchin' it from the bench; You know I took some lumps when the Mighty Casey struck out. So Say Hey Willie, tell Ty Cobb and Joe DiMaggio; Don't say "it ain't so", you know the time is now. Oh, put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; Look at me, I can be Centerfield.

Yeah! I got it, I got it!

Got a beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and brand-new pair of shoes; You know I think it's time to give this game a ride. Just to hit the ball and touch 'em all - a moment in the sun; (pop) It's gone and you can tell that one goodbye! Oh, put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; Look at me, I can be Centerfield.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday it was the Star Wars Marathon - it was GREAT! It has been quite a while since I had seen those movies. Took some meds to keep the crud at bay.

Saturday - rainy and cold. Felt OK considering - took more meeds to keep the crud away. Took the man child to his Karate demonstration (see the post below). Just basically ran a few errands and hung out around the house. I did get started on making my Christmas cards. I know, its still early but they are very labor intensive so I want to make sure I have plenty of time to make them. I didn't get to last year because of the move so I wanted to make sure that I had time this year.

Sunday - The sun finally decided to come out. Mr. Cheeky took the man child ice skating in preparation for hockey (that starts in a couple weeks). I basically played in my scrapbook room all day which was really nice. The teenage daughter had a friend come over and as I was taking her home yesterday the CRUD kicked in full force - I mean it was like night and day. I started hacking, my head was all stopped up and I felt like crap. Came home had dinner and took some night time meds. soon as they wore off - about 11:30pm I was awake for the night. I couldn't breathe, couldn't get comfortable. I got up and took the last of the sudafed and was able to get a little sleep but not much.

Monday - still feel like crap! But I am working through it. I need to go get some more meds. I need to take a nap but I am not sure that is gonna happen. Ugh...I hate the CRUD....

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Look out Jackie Chan.....

You got some competition headed your way.....

Today the man child broke his first piece of wood in a karate demonstration.....yeah, he was was I.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Its Friday - which means.....

Its time to clear out my brain of random things.

Ya'll know how I feel about the Muppets right? Well, I feel like a kid every time I go into Target these days - they have some cool muppets stuff and I have it all - on my desk, getting in the way.....hindering my productivity....but it makes me smile.

I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. Its cool (in the lower 50's) and rainy and I was sleeping soooooo good on my new pillow. If it keeps this up, I think an afternoon nap is in order.

I need to start planning the little man childs birthday party - he is turning 8 on Oct. 8 (cool huh?) so we need to have a good party. However, I am going brain dead at the moment on themes, activities, etc. So if you have any really cool ideas - feel free to share. And it has to be a GREAT party so the little pieces of crap that live a few houses down can see all the fun we are having because they are not going to be invited (yeah I know - petty, but they are little pieces of crap).

I think I have been infected. When I came home from Charleston this week, Mr. Cheeky and the man child were sick with colds. Sinus crap, coughing, throat issues - you know, your basic CRUD. Well, they are getting better - because the gave it to ME! My throat is feeling funny and my nose is a little snotty and I have a little cough - I am medicating NOW!

Tonight is StarWars Marathon night! Lots of junkfood (yeah, I know, there goes the diet) to be had. If you are in the neighborhood, stop on by!

There is more stuff rumbling around in this head but I gotta take the man child to school since its raining (I am not gonna make him ride his bike in the rain).

So, in honor of Star Wars night - Cheeky is gonna sing for you a little ditty known and Fett's Vette (if you haven't heard it you must! Just Goggle it - I would put the link up but I am running out of time).......My backpack's got jets, I'm boba the fett, I bounty hunt for jaba hut, To finance my vette....I chill in deep space, A mask is over my face...I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes, Cuz my time I don't like to waste...Get down

Updated: Here is the link for ya.....Fetts Vette

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Getting down with the Down.....

OK I know you are thinking from the title of this post that Cheeky has lost it....but it will all make sense. Now if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you have come to realize that I might be just a little off. I like things a certain way. My sleeping arrangements are no exception. The blankets have to be just right before I get in the bed (if they are all screwed up then I just can't get comfortable - now if they get screwed up as I sleep, that's fine - just can't start that way). I have to sleep on a certain side of the bed (that would be the right side....not the wrong one...hehe). As I am falling asleep, I always do what has come to be known as "the roll", which means, I roll over on to my right side and the snoozing begins (can I fall asleep in other positions, sure, but it takes much longer - the roll is preferable when possible). I am also picky about my sheets. They have to be soft and this is one area where I am not afraid to spend a little cash to make sure I have good ones. If they are crappy then cheeky ain't happy (hey, I like that litte saying...kinda like if it don't fit you must acquit...has a nice ring to it....hehe).

But, my biggest issue is my pillow. King size pillows are preferrable (I can use a regular pillow when I travel but I like MY king size pillow best). It has to be fairly flat as well. If it is too "full" then I get a crick in my neck and I don't sleep very well. If its flat, then I can at least bunch it up between my arms. It has to fit just right in my neck (for me its more about neck support than head support). And I sleep with 2 of for my head, one for me to wrap myself around. On my bed, I had a perfectly flat pillow (and it took me quit a while to get it to perfection) and a huge monsterous pillow that wouldn't go flat if you drove a steam roller over it....massive! So, instead of using both pillows I had to give in and just use the flat one. Well, not anymore! I went out yesterday and bought myself a brand new king size down pillow! And my friends - it is wonderful, just flat enough when I lay on it yet full enough to sufficiently squeeze in the middle of the night! So, if your pillow is giving you fits.....just go down!

Cheeky who can't seem to get the word "down" out of ther head is gonna sing a little Earth, Wind and Fire for ya......(in her electronic voice)We can boogie down, down, come on...We can boogie down, down, come on....We can boogie down, down, come on...We can boogie down, down, come on....Let's groove tonight.....share the spice of slice it right....we're gonna groove tonight....Let this groove, get you to move, it's alright, alright, alright....let this groove, set in your shoes, so stand up, alright, alright....

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well Shiver Me Timbers....

Today be talk like a pirate day...Arrrrr! Now I know there are quite a few of you landlubbers out there but ye should be walkin the plank! And don't be askin about me buried treasure....cause I've crushed seventeen men's skulls between me thighs and I won't be worried about another one.

So come on wenches and matey's...join in the fun!

Cheeky who is singing - Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Missed it AGAIN!!!!

The last time I came to Charleston, I missed tropical strom Ernesto by a week - well just take a look at what I missed back home in Minnefreakinsota this weekend - at 10pm Saturday night.....

Yep - and F2 tornado - about ummmm say 2 miles from my our neighborhood - the neighbors trampoline was on top of the wooden playset and other strange things - Mr. Cheeky has the pictures, I will post them when I get home.

Here is some video from the news (pardon the self promotion at the beginning).

I am getting ready to head to the airport so I guess a little Ozzy is in store...Times have changed and times are strange, Here I come , But I ain't the same...Mama, I'm Coming Home, Times gone by seems to be. You could have been a better friend to me...Mama, I'm Coming Home...You took me in and you drove me out
Yeah, you had me hypnotized, Lost and found and turned around, By the fire in your eyes. You made me cry, you told me lies....But, I can't stand to say goodbye...Mama, I'm Coming Home, I could be right, I could be wrong, It hurts so bad, it's been so long....Mama, I'm Coming Home...Selfish love yeah we're both alone, The ride before the fall, But I'm gonna take this heart of stone, I just got to have it all...I've seen your face a hundred times, Everyday we've been apart, I don't care about the sunshine, yeah....'Cause Mama, Mama, I'm Coming Home, I'm Coming Home....You took me in and you drove me out, Yeah, you had the hypnotised, Lost and found and turned around...By the fire in your eyes, I've seen your face a thousand times, Everyday we've been apart, And I don't care about the sunshine, yeah...'Cause Mama, Mama, I'm Coming Home.....I'm Coming Home

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Yeah, this about sums it up.....

Yeah the big boss man, he likes to crack that whip
I ain't nothing but a number on his timecard slip,
I give him 40 hours and a piece of my soul,
Puts me somewhere at the bottom of his totem pole,
Hell I don't even think he knows my name...

Well all week long I'm a real nobody,
But I just punched out and its paycheck Friday,
Weekends here, good God almighty,
I'm going to get drunk and be somebody
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

My baby cuts hair at a beauty boutique,
Just blowin' and goin' till she dead on her feet,
They walk right in and sit right down,
She gives them what they want and then she spins them around,
Hey I don't think they even know her name...

All week long she's a real nobody,
but I just picked her up and its paycheck Friday,
Weekends here, good God almighty,
Baby lets get drunk and be somebody
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Well just average people, in an everyday bar,
driving from work in our ordinary cars,
and I like to come here with the regular Joes,
drink all you want, be the star of the star
of the show

All week long bunch of real nobodies,
but we just punched out and its paycheck Friday,
Weekends here, good God almighty,
People lets get drunk [lets get drunk!]
All week long we're some real nobodies,
but we just punched out and its paycheck Friday,
Weekends here, good God almighty,
People lets get drunk and be somebody
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

You know you wanna sing with me......

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Belated Weekend Update

This weekend was incredibly busy with girly stuff - of course I am talking about my scrapbooking events. I spent Friday night at an all night crop - really great! Lots of freebies and I won a door prize too (woohoo!). Got in around midnight and then up early to head out to MOA for the events there....WOW there was a lot going on. Only thing that bugged me were all the lines. There has to be a better way to organize that...hmmm think if I made some suggestions they would listen to me?

Back home late in the day on Saturday. Had to get things ready and pack for my flight Sunday morning. Up early for my flight out to Charleston. Had a pretty uneventful flight to Chicago then....the connecting flight to C-town. OMG....we had a semi pro soccer team on board. Eye candy? YES! PIA? YES! I loved my flight attendants - they were awesome and didn't take any crap from those boys. At one point as she was trying to give the safety information, the dude in front of me was talking rather loudly so she reaches over me and whacks him in the back of the head and told him to shut up (I love it!). Then, this same guy is whining and moaning about how he gave up his exit row seat so some sailors could sit together...blah blah blah...he whined about it over and over for about 10 minutes and then she said...."if you did it voluntarily then shut up about it" - I love this woman! Overall she was very friendly with a great sense of humor - she just wasn't taking their crap! She found out that they were going to be on her return trip the next morning (she wasn't thrilled) so she told them she expected jerseys and soccer shorts (clean) from them. And as we landed she made and announcement for us to wish them luck cause she doesn't want any cranky boys on the morning flight the next day.

Get to C-town and the weather has been GREAT! I mean really wonderful. I will be working in the office all week so not too much time to goof off. I am staying through next weekend so I will definately be hitting the beach at some point over the weekend!

I got into work this morning and got some really horrible news.....the guy that I found, that I interviewed, that I HIRED has decided to decline the offer....why? you ask....cause he has decided he wants to stay in Columbia, SC! WHAT A FREAKIN MORON....first of all - I am gonna pay you almost 15K more than you are making now and you want to stay in the armpit of SC? Dude, what have you been smokin? Not a good way to start my day.

Cheeky - who needs something to describe her time in Charleston...perhaps a little....Hot Child in the City (and YES, I do know what this song is about...and NO don't go there...hehe)....Hot child in the city....Hot child in the city...Runnin' wild and lookin' pretty, Hot child in the city....

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Monday, September 11, 2006

2996 - A Tribute to the victims of 9/11 - Edward Raymond Vanacore

As I began thinking about this post, a number of things came to mind. First of all, I couldn't help but think that this man was just a mere 3 months older than I am (almost to the day).

I began thinking of that morning and that I along with the rest of the world was going about my daily business. I had recently been laid off from my job and so I was at home. It was an absolutely beautiful day in NC and I had just hung out a load of laundry. I even smiled and thought to myself what a beautiful morning it was. Then all of that changed as I came in the house and turned on the TV. The first plane had just crashed and I was devastated. I had worked in the airline industry for a while and so this kind of news always got my attention.

I began to think that as I wrote about Edward I didn't want it to read as some sort of obituary. I wanted those that read this to think about the life that Edward lead. To remember that he was a person that had friends and loved ones, just like you or I.

Edward Raymond Vanacore was the youngest of 6 children. From the things I have been able to read about him, he was compassionate, he loved adventure, and he lived life to the fullest. I learned that he had one of those smiles that just made everyone around him happy. He was kind. Of all of the tennants that lived in his 10 floor apartment complex, Edward was the only one that would speak to the doorman everyday. That was just the kind of person he was.

He was an accomplished pianist and tenor sax player and played with the BC Bop Jazz Ensemble at Boston College where he received his Bachelors Degree graduated Magna cum Laude in 1994 and eventually earned his Masters of Science in Finance in 1995.

He had a taste for adventure whether it was jetting off to Spain or Portugal, or whitewater rafting in Colorado. Just a year and a half before 9/11 he realized one of his dreams and purchased a sunset orange Harley-Davidson. He would ride it in the rain or snow. Even though his parents were concerned for his safety, he always would call his Mom to let her know he was alright. He called her on that tragic day. Edward was a Vice President at Fiduciary Trust International on the 94th floor of 2 World Trade Center. He called to let her know that he was ok after the first plane hit. That was the last call she would receive from him.

Edward was not famous. He was not a superstar. But he was loved by friends and family and he like so many others that died that day, will be remembered. Please join me in remembering and visit the other tributes that are being posted today. You can find them by clicking the 2996 link in my sidebar.

Edward Raymond Vanacore, Age 29

Born: April 15, 1972
Died: Sept. 11, 2001

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Random Thoughts Friday

Here we are again with another edition of Random Thoughts Friday - a chance for me to clear my head before the weekend begins.

This is one where Cheeky shows her "girly" side: Today begins the weekend event known as Scrapfest 06 at the MOA (see Mist - I can be taught....hehe). There are events going on all weekend. I am only able to participate in 2. A girl that works with Mr. Cheeky and possibly my new scrap buddy, Suzanna, is going with me to the Coon Rapids Archivers for "Scrap around town" tonight where we will scrap all night. Then, she is just going to stay the night with me (woohooo a girly slumber party that is so commonly called in the Cheeky house a "panty party" - that is a story for another time...hehe). Then, Saturday we are heading down to MOA for an all day thing. I am not sure what to expect except that I am sure that I will spend way too much money and have a great time doing it!!

Today, I am very busy. I have lots to do since tomorrow is basically shot. I have work work (duh) but in between interviewing I have to do some laundry and pack my bags. Why? you ask. Cause this girl is heading out on Sunday AM going BACK to Charleston - wooo hooo! Patti - I am staying through Monday, Sept 18th so if you are in S'ville gimme a call - we can go do the Electric Slide....hehe.

School started this week and I am worn out from doing the happy dance every day as I send those little darlings out the door! I forgot how much I really really really enjoy the start of school!

Oh, in case any of you are wondering, YES I did sing Kareoke at the wedding and no one took a picture damn it! What did I sing? Cecelia....your breakin my're shakin my confidence lately...Oh Cecelia, I'm down on my knees, I'm beggin you please to come home.....hehehe. And of course everytime anyone else got up to sing - our table - table 15 was singing just as loud as the one with the mic! It was a good time!

I bought a new ice cube case for my ipod - its really cool - problem is - I can't figure out how to open the damn thing without breaking it! And of course there were no directions in the box.....ugh! Maybe that is why it was on clearance???

My tooth still hurts like hell. Well, whats left of my tooth. The medication they gave me to sedate me was also supposed to give me amnesia so I would not remember anything - yeah, right, that didn't happen. OK so I don't remember the novacaine shot - that is good. But when he started grinding and drilling I remember it all. I started clinching my jaw (which only hurt me cause they had a splint in my mouth to keep it open) and clinching my hands (I was wringing that damn blanket they had on me - I almost ripped it). The dentist apologised but said that he had the meds turned up as far as he could do yeah....I have been traumatized once again. I am sweating just thinking about it now. I came home and slept for a while and then developed a headache from my jaw being so tight and sore. So, now I have a temporary crown and it hurts like hell, its day 2 and I still can't put any pressure on it (is that normal?). I get me "real" one in 2 weeks and they better have some good drugs or I will have to bring my own mmmmkay??? Could you imagine if I had to get a root canal? They might as well just completely put me under for days on that one.

I have been working on my tribute for Monday and may post it early. One thing that really got to me as I was doing my research on this guy was that he was my age. Literally, just 3 months older than me. I have written and re-written the post. I want to do him justice and make his family proud (if they should happen to stumble across the posting). I have also decided that I am going to make it my goal to visit each and everyone of the bloggers that participated. It will probably take several days but I feel compelled in some way to do it.

So that is it - my random post for Friday. I need something to get my moving this morning so I think a little Van Halen (not Van Hagar)is in order....Girl, you really got me now, You got me so I don't know what I'm doin', Girl, you really got me now, You got me so I can't sleep at night...Girl (Girl), you really got me now, You got me so I don't know where I'm goin'....Oh yeah (Yeah), you really got me now, You got me so I can't sleep at night....You really got me (Oh!), You really got me (Whoa-oh)...You really got me

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I wanna be sedated.....

As many of you read my post this morning....Cheeky will be under sedation. Why? you ask. That's because the mean, cruel, wicked, dentist feels the need to give her a crown. I know what some of you are thinking....its just a little crown, no big deal....but ya'll know how I feel about the dentist. Damn, even a cleaning stresses me the hell out (and I usually bite the hygenist several times without knowing it witha simple cleaning....and you can tell I am starting to get a little stressed already cause I didn't sleep last night thinking about this...and I am already cussing....). So, when he told me I needed a crown, I was not a happy camper. So, trying to win me over, the dentist asked if I wanted Nitrous.....ummmm sweetie, the last time I had nitrous they turned it all the way up, and I still walked out of there with claw marks on the back of my hands from where I was digging in them the entire time. While nitrous is don't work with me in the dentist chair. I am getting the good stuff....straight in the veins! No pills for this girl....

So at 7:30 (central time) I will be getting some serious feel good juice in the veins my friends. So sing a little Ramones with me.....Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated, Nothin' to do no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated....

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How Sad

Rest in Peace Steve - we will miss you.....

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's a Saturday Update

I rarely post on the weekends but I had a few minutes before ebay ended so I said what the heck (Julie - this weekend post is for you....hehe)

I am at the resort and it is very nice. The weather is cool (in the mid 60's) and its overcast (its gonna rain later) but I am sitting on the beach right this second as I type....seriously I am....on the huh? Only thing missing is my foo foo drink but it is still the AM. I have booked my massage for tomorrw (which will be good after a loooong party night). Shannon and I are heading out in a little to go to town and do a little shopping and get our nails done before the events start. The men folk are fishing off the pier.

We are going to have quite a lot of people in our little suite. Right now there are 5 - by the weekends end - 9!

So right now we are just chillin' for a while.

Anywho - that's about it for now.....I am sure there will be tales to tell after tonight (its skit night - too funny).

Cheeky who is singing a little beach music.........Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya, Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama....Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, Jamaica....Off the Florida Keys there's a place called Kokomo, That's where you wanna go to get away from it all....Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand, We'll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band...Down in Kokomo....Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama....Key Largo Montego, baby why don't we go...Ooh I wanna take you down to
Kokomo, we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow, That's where we wanna go, way down in Kokomo. Martinique, that Monserrat mystique...

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Random Friday

I have lots of random crap rolling around so I thought I would just go ahead and get it all out now....gotta save room for the useless trivia ...hehe

Tonight, I am leaving for a weekend event...a wedding - and yes, its a Full weekend event complete with sporting tournys, poker, kareoke, skits and then finally the nuptuals. This is one GREAT couple ya'll and they are such fun and I am soooo happy for them! Since I am not going to participate in the sporting events (yeah right like that was EVER gonna happen) I am scheduling a little "cheeky" time and get a massage. My lower back has been killing me since I got back from Charleston - can't imagine what I could have done...hehe (ok maybe I can but I ain't tellin').

Wednesday night I had 3 males and a female in the bed with me (sounds kinda kinky huh?). Mr. Cheeky who knows to stay on his side of the king size bed....the little man child who likes to sneak in after I have gone to sleep....the other male has not been there in a long time so it was a welcome treat - my weezer! It was particularly cold and so I put him in the bed with me to snuggle...what a great snuggler that old puppy is. Oh the other female.....that would be Kitty! Jealous I assume cause Weezer was there.

I am going BACK to Charleston ya'll - heading back out on 9/10. And this time I promise to dedicate some time to keeping ya'll up to date - I don't think I can take another public spanking....private? hmmm different story LOL

I have a sty on the inside bottom corner of my left eye. I have NEVER had a sty before - EVER IN MY LIFE - its hurts like a mutha...and looks bad and I am going to a wedding....ugh. Why is it I have all these strange and unusual afflictions in Minnefreakinsota? I have never had this crap happen in the south....I am just sayin.....

I recently discovered Anne Rice (ok ok I knew she was out there but I never read her stuff). I grabbed one of her books to take with me to the beach last week and I LOVE IT! Finding it hard to put down. I didn't get Interview with the Vampire (since I had seen the movie - but I will be reading it). I got The Vampire Lestat - LOVE IT! Yeah, I will be reading the rest of them.

So that's it...just a few random things from the Cheekster. So since I am going to a wedding this weekend (and taking along my new appendage the sty - if it doesn't go away soon I am gonna have to name it)....I am gonna sing a little ....Billy Idol....Hey little sister what have you done, Hey little sister who's the only one, Hey little sister who's your superman, Hey little sister who's the one you want, Hey little sister shot gun!

It's a nice day to start again....It's a nice day for a white wedding...It's a nice day to start again....

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