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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am sure that the neighbors are loving us. Over the last several weeks we have been clearing out a lot of brush, leaves, trees, weeds, etc from the back yard and to the side where we are going to have a garden. Its been a LOT and when I say lot I mean A.LOT of hard work. We have been breaking it up in smaller pieces but now its getting to be crunch time. Its time to start planting root veggies and other various goodies and the garden section of the yard isn't ready yet. So, starting today and moving forward there will be lots of little fires in my back yard to finish clearing the brush. Yes, I am experienced fire starter - I know what I am doing.

And in case you are wondering, while I am out tending the fire, I will also be practicing my smoke signal skills.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chez Cheeky is NOT a home for wayward animals....

I repeat....Chez Cheeky is NOT a home for wayward animals...unless of course you are a cute little baby like little kitten britches. What I am referring to was the big, fat (pregnant looking fat), ugly, stinky, food stealing opossum. First of all, it scared me half to death. Here is the scenario...I went outside to call little kitten britches in for the night (she loves being out in this warm weather during the day). So, I open the door and look out and see this ugly thing run under the sofa on the porch. I knew immediately what it was....I didn't however know how huge it was. So....I did what any girl would do in my position....I called the man....on the phone....cause he wasn't here. DANG!

So I go out on the deck, armed with a broom to scare it away...but it scared me instead. I didn't immediately see the critter and when I walked around the table there it was....there went another two years off my life. It (I am saying it cause I don't know if it was male or female) managed to squeeze its fat bootay through the rails on the deck and either jump down or crawl under the deck - I don't know which. The critter had eaten all the kitty food, drank all the water and was eye-balling the kitty bed. Really, this is not a hotel for animals!

Then of course I started worrying about little kitten britches cause this ugly thing was bigger than she is. I went back out on the deck and she came running but was sniffing everything - she knew somebody had been eating her food and laying in her bed and it wasn't Goldilocks!

Ahhhh the joys of country living.......

Oh and as a side note, for those of you that have been following me for a while. Ted is taking revenge...its like a sad "B" horror movie sequel. There will be more details when I have them....but its not going to be fun. For those of you new to the blog, I will link the adventures of Ted when I update about his revenge so you can come up to speed.....

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Work Work Work....All Day Long....

Yeah - the title pretty much sums up the weekend - HA! It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise so we spent all day Saturday and three quarters of the day on Sunday in the yard. LOTS of work was completed but there is still plenty more to do. But I am happy with how much we did get done.

Although there was lots of work, there was my reward at the end of the day....fresh grilled shrimp - and the Shoot out Saturday night - oh yeah! So good.

OK - subject change - in honor of Heart Day, manchild and I will be going out on a date tonight....quote from the manchild "it will be an all expense paid trip to Applebees!" HA! That boy lurves him some Applebees. Also, I made some strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Heart day and I have to say, Holy Moly they are GOOOD! Kitty girl even had a bite (with permission - ha). I swear that cat lurves her some cake!

Tomorrow's post? A recap of my date with the manchild.....

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

It has been brought to my attention.....

....That I have not blogged since October 6, 2010! What?!? Well the dates, don't lie. So, I need to remedy that don't I?

The State of the Union at Chez Cheeky is good. We have a new addition to the family that came at the end of October. Her name is....wait for it....wait for it.....Kitten Britches! She is so sweet. She was a stray that showed up at my door and never left. She comes in and out of the house which totally makes Kitty Girl and Fat Jack jealous because they can't go out. Kitten Britches has been coming in every night and now sleeps in the bed. Yep - three kitties in the bed. If another shows up I will need to get a bigger bed - HA! She stays in the house during the day if its cold or rainy but if its sunny she would much rather be outside. This picture was taken the night she showed up....isn't she cute?

My sister got married in November. We spent Thanksgiving at the beach with family. We made it through Christmas with LOTS going on (hosted 3 parties in 4 weeks - whew - the one weekend we took off was actually Christmas so we were on the road a lot). We had some snow here in the south back in January and the manchild was out of school for a week. He was loving that and got a really big kick out of it. After spending five winters in MN and only having ONE snow day - he gets a week his first winter in the south. I have spent lots of time driving back and forth to NC over the last several months as well helping out a friend.

I haven't had the time to produce my annual valentine cards and I am sad about that but I am starting to feel some serious crafty mojo going on - I mean serious mojo. Which is good because there is a stamp show coming here to Columbia in 2 weeks (can I get a woot?!) AND I just found out that I am going to have an opportunity to work the show with one of my favorite stamp companies - Denami! So I will be spending lots of time with the owners (who are so freakin crafty and creative) that weekend AND even better - I will be getting lots...I mean LOTS of free product (aka stampy goodness) from them (can I get a woot woot?!).

Spring is just around the corner so this year it our intention to have a really big garden. Last year it was very small and thrown together quickly (since we didn't close on the house until May we didn't have much time to work on it properly). This year we are clearing out a pretty large section of the yard and getting it prepped and ready. This actually requires quite a bit of work (you should see the condition of the back yard - the previous owners were not into yard work to say the least) and weather permitting, we will be spending the next several weekends working on it. Last year we had an issue with rabbits getting into the garden. This year we have Kitten Britches on the prowl - lets see if she earns her keep by keeping the rabbits out of the garden (but if she doesn't I will keep her anyway - did I say she was cute? Cause she is).

It has been determined that teenage daughter will be coming home for the summer instead of staying in MN after this semester. So, I will be flying up in May (and perhaps catching another stamp show??) and then driving back with her so she can have her car here. Didn't I say I was NOT gonna be making that drive again? I must be outta my head. HA!

There is still lots of singing at Chez Cheeky and of course the new season of American Idol fits right in. I like the new judges. I like them a lot. It will be interesting to see how they do when the real competition begins and we get out of the audition portion.

So, that pretty much brings you up to speed with things at Chez Cheeky! Only thing missing is an updated pic of the family for your viewing enjoyment.....White Christmas 2010....

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