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Friday, August 05, 2011

Who knows where a post will come from

So this morning, I had already been awake for a few hours and I kept trying to think of something to write about....what did I come up with? Nothing.Zip.Zilch...NADA! So I had resigned to just letting this day go without a post (and breaking my blogging stride) but all changed. As I was making myself a little breakfast this AM I became inspired by a bowl of Rice Krispies and Squeaker (see I really am a cat lady!).

Just a boring little mundane everyday kinda thing. Pouring myself a bowl of rice krispies....Squeaker sitting on the counter watching (I know shame on her - but she is still a kitten and learning). All was well until.....I poured the milk. You should have seen her little face - she was FREAKED out by all the snap, krackle, and pop action that was going on. I mean to look at her you would think the little cereal box characters had jumped right out of the bowl straight at her. She was truly FREAKED OUT! Her reaction caused me to giggle. As I carried my bowl to eat while watching TV (yeah I know....bad habit....but in my defense I was watching something semi educational - The Today Show - ha!) she jumped up right beside me and kept trying to look for those elusive characters in my cereal bowl. She watched intently with every bite I took. Then when I took my last bite....she looked at me all confused as if to say "where did they go?" Too cute!

Cheeky - who finds inspiration in the day to day....

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