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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ted's Revenge

So.....for those of you that are new to the blog or started reading after the adventures of can get caught up here and here (please read them in order to be able get entire story).

Caught up? Good. Well, it seems that Ted has decided to take his revenge. Something to the effect of...."Ted was here but now he's gone he left a secretly hiding seed for getting revenge to carry on" - yeah, that sounds about right.

See....I have been having an issue with my heel...(same one) again. And, like I always do...I just deal with it (read that as ignore it). I mean, I am NOT one that runs to the doctor for every little thing. I like to whine about it first - I mean you don't get to be a whining champ without some practice right? And I will whine and moan until it either goes away....or grows too painful to ignore. And that is what is going on - it is now too painful to ignore. Since I had to go to the doc today anyway to get labwork so I could get my meds refilled (no no no not crazy meds like some of you think I may need....meds because part of my system doesn't want to work like it should so therefore needs medical intervention so no big deal really). Anyway, its my first family practitioner visit since moving here last June. First off, I like this guy. Not as much as the one I had in MN (that dude was just funny) but I like him....and that's a good thing. So, while I was there I told him about Ted (yes, I called it Ted, I mean why name something if you are just gonna continue to call it...IT. And yes, he looked at me like I may need crazy meds - he may or may not have noted that in my chart) and how Ted caused me pain and agony but how I ultimately won the battle when Ted was evicted. Then I showed him my heel. And told him how its been there for a really long time (going on a year or more) and how its getting painful and its time to deal with it. He said..."Yep, I could try to do, this or I could do that but the reality is those things probably won't work. You are gonna need to see a specialist and have that cut out. Annnnd when you do, you are gonna be off your feet for a significant amount of time because I can tell that problem is really deep and really big."

Ok so I knew that most likely it was going to have to be cut out but ummmm how long am I gonna be down for the count? A "SIGNIFICANT" amount of time? This is NOT a pleasant thing to think about considering it IS the summer and there must be plenty of time for the beach and/or the lake and going bare foot and looking cute in sandals. So my timing on this has to be planned perfectly. See, I can't get it out until after I come back from going to MN to pick up the teenage daughter from college next month. But it has to be done in plenty of time for me to completely heal before going to the beach over July 4th.

One thing is for sure.....I WILL be getting some VERY GOOD pain meds this time.....I didn't have any last time and THAT will NOT be happening again - Capish?

Cheeky - who is standing (while she can) her ground while giving Ted Jr. the stink eye and saying "It's time to layeth the smacketh down on you Jr. Brace yourself cause I play to win".

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