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Monday, October 04, 2010

Weekend Update

With your hostess....CHEEKY!

Where to start....Friday night date night with the man. Had a perfectly grilled honker with taters and a bottle of Pinot Noir....yummy! Settled in to watch Iron Man 2 (I saw this in the theather with manchild when it came out) and the man fell asleep on the couch - HA! Guess I am one exciting date - or the Pinot kicked in....I will go with the Pinot kicking in HA!

Saturday was World Card Making Day (woot woot!) so I spent some quality time in my crafty room finishing up my Halloween cards. All that is left to do is address and decorate the envelopes and I am done with moving on to finish my Christmas design. I have been tweaking it a bit. I also got received a package on Saturday of supplies and goodies that I ordered last week so that will help with the design. Hopefully I will start actual production sometime in the next week or two. Went for my little run (can you believe it?) and then proceeded to make a really yummy dinner - my famous HOT WANGS! B-dubs ain't got nuthin on me (and y'all know how much I heart my b-dubs)! OK yes they do but not in the traditional wing department. On the traditional wings I have them beat but on the other flavors - they rock!

Sunday - the morning started out slow which is nice. Then one of Teenage daughter's friends from when we lived in Charleston came for a visit. She is going to college at USC which is just a few mins away. Had a really great time visiting with "A" and hope to see her again soon.

Oh wait - Sunday dinner was baked Spaghetti. YUM!

A few things that I learned this weekend? Kitty girl loves her some pizza bones and ruffles chips. She will almost knock you down for a pizza bone. LOVES it! Silly kitty. OH and I about fell over when she came and sat down beside right beside my leg.....for half an hour last night. She has become much more affectionate since we moved and I like it!

Cheeky - who is off to wake up the manchild - time for school!

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