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Monday, July 12, 2010

Once again I am reminded.....and Thankful

I am once again reminded of how thankful I am of my blogging friends. People that I truly call "friend" that I would have never met without blogging.

First of all my "twinkie" Tina! Girrrrl you have out done yourself this time. She has sent me a FANTABULOUS goodie box for my birthday (which by the way is Wednesday in case anyone forgot). I got it on Saturday and we were literally on our way out the door to head to birthday party and then to Carowinds. I had to wait to go through the box properly. Yes, you read that right.....I.HAD.TO.WAIT......ALL.WEEKEND. Oh the torture......but it was well worth the wait. LOVE it love it love it. You rock my friend. I will be sitting in awe of my new ceramic flamingo every time I get crafty. I already have a place in mind for it (just need to put up the shelf). Seriously my friend, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, there is Julie. Thank you for thinking of me and saying such kind things about me and my cards on your blog (which, by the way, I am almost ready to start creating again - the crafty room is unpacked, now I just need to remember where I put everything - HA!). It was totally unexpected and those are the greatest surprises - when they come "just because".

I do have some of the greatest blogging friends and I am thankful everyday for all of you!

Now - on for a little update. Chez Cheeky of the South (I love saying that) has been busy. I hit the crafty room hard last week. It took me a looooong time to get all those boxes unpacked. Now I have stuff everywhere. I have to organize. I have to arrange. I must do this soon as I am feeling some mojo and need to create....but alas it will have to wait just a wee bit longer. Teenage daughter, who was left back in MN when we moved (as you remember she stayed up there to go to college because she has been brainwashed - she likes it there, in the cold - we will work on that - HA!) will be coming down tomorrow and staying for the next two weeks. While she is here we will be playing tour guide to her friend "B" who is coming with her. Which means we will be on the road - a lot. Also, while here, we are going to be having her graduation party. LOTS to do to get ready for that shindig but an old fashioned shindig it will be. We are having her graduation party in true southern style - a pig pickin'! Yee-Haw y'all!

I will try to blog during her visit but let me give you the run down of events so if I don't - you will understand why:

*Tuesday - go to Charlotte to pick up Teenage daughter (early AM) and while there just stay and go to Carowinds
*Wednesday - The zoo in Columbia and visit the ticket nazi (Katie I will tell her you said HI) - come home and eat something absolutely wonderful and sing Happy Birthday to ME!
*Thursday - Down to Charleston to see the sights and go to the beach
*Friday - rest in the AM and get the provisions for the party - drive up to NC
*Saturday - Up early to prep and then PARTY in the afternoon (if you are close stop by and say HI)
*Sunday - get up go to Church, visit family, and then come back home
*Monday - hit the lake
*Tuesday - back up to Charlotte to take "B" to the airport - stay and go to Carowinds again since we are already there
*Wednesday - through the next Wednesday to be determined - I am thinking we will hit the lake a few days, do some shopping and whatever else teenage daughter wants to do.

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