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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How do I have so much stuff?

This past weekend was spent cleaning out and purging in preparation for the move. I currently have 8 big garbage bags full of items to donate and my trash can out front is full and I have 5 more bags to go in it. It really wasn't hard letting some of the stuff go. I was even proud of manchild who really went through the process of purging his room with a minimum of fuss.

We now have a "calender of events" between now and the move with everything that needs to be done and when. It looks like a lot but its nice to have it all down and not have to stress and remember when things need to be done.

I am slowly starting the packing process of things we don't use everyday and also my crafty room. I figure if I can get a box a day and several on the weekends, I should be in good shape come moving time in June. Oh and we have set the move date for June 14 to be out of this house and on the road to SC.

Work is not going so well. Now that I am at the end, all of a sudden they don't want me taking days off. Well, I am sorry but I gave a 5 month notice so that they would have their ducks in a row. It is not my fault they chose to wait until the last minute to try and hire someone. I will be taking the days off because I need to be in SC for the house closing. It seems I may be going out on a bad note....I really don't like that, its not my style, but at the end of the day I have to do what I have to do.

Speaking of closing we are at C minus 13 days and counting. Everything seems to be going good. Need to do some follow up to make sure. I get paranoid around these things.

OH and for those of you that are wondering about the bootay....yeah....still HURTS! Manchild is cute following me around the house during cleaning days so he can pick stuff up for me (bending over at the waist is a pain - I can stoop with my knees slowly but when you are cleaning that is not very productive). He helps me in and out of the car - which I don't really need the help, I can do it, I just have to do it slow but he thinks he needs to help - how cute is that? Driving is really bad. Its basically how the seats are constructed and I have adjusted and readjusted and its just not helping. I am a little concerned that if the bootay doesn't start getting better soon, a 2 day drive will not be possible. The longest I can drive now and tolerate it is about 30-40 mins (which is up from 10 mins so I guess there is some improvement).

Cheeky - who is checking her "calender of events" and can now mark off - new blog post.

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