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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Its Bullet Point Time...pew..pew...pew (thats the sound of bullets y'all)

*I saw Hangover this weekend for the first time Friday night. How in the world did y'all let me go this long without watching it? Seriously funny. Lots of laugh out loud moments. I spent the rest of the weekend quoting that movie. So next time when something that good is out there....tell me. Mmmmkay?

*OK here is a little TMI for you. My skin is seriously itchy! This dry air is killing me. I walk around clawing at my tummy of all things. Been using tons of moisturizer. Not helping. Slept with the humidifier last night. Will continue this for a few days to see if that helps.

*One word - SNOW - enough said.

*WoW - I may need an intervention. But I am a 73 and want an 80 so bad I can't stand it. (for those of you that play you will understand that statement and if you don't play well - you should).

*I get two 4 day weeks - woot woot. I am taking this Friday off (just cause I wanna) and I have off next Monday. Don't hate.

*Still debating the build or buy option - I need to hurry up and make a decision. To quote a movie: "Sometimes if you don't make a choice, the choice makes you" (and HUGE kudos if you know the movie it comes from - I will tell ya later in the comments after you have had a chance to guess - here is a clue - comic book.)

*I had a dream this morning and woke up (at 4:30am) with high blood pressure and furious (not just mad but FURIOUS) with my kids. From.a.dream. Luckily I have time to calm down before they get up. Isn't it funny how dreams can make you mad?

*OK that is all I have for you (and yes, this needed its own bullet).

Cheeky - (who is getting serious for a moment) - Remembers her FIL - we lost him one year ago today. Miss you Big O.

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