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Monday, February 01, 2010

I like to move it move it....

This was one of the laziest weekends I have had so far this year. Did a few things around the house, played a little (ok ok a LOT) of WoW, did some laundry, watched some movies. Yeah, pretty lazy....but I LIKE IT! was topped off with the delivery of courtesy of Sears. Thank you Sears - you are the best.

The dudes that came to deliver and set up - now they know what they are doing. Bing, bang, boom and it was done. Seriously, it would have taken me the entire weekend to figure out that set up but not them - they are the pros. But it is one sweet treadmill. Brand spankin new. And with the new treadmill goes my excuses for not getting on it - damnit! Kidding kidding....well sorta. I am excited to have it and get back on it.

Can't say that I am excited about the work week. No no I am NOT getting short timers attitude. Its just that its Monday.....and I have to give orientation every Monday. And it the same stuff - over and over. I try to make it funny but they just stare at I have two heads or something. I just want to say (ok sometimes I do say it) "lighten up people - you have to go through this once, I go through it EVERY.WEEK." - that usually gets them. Perhaps I will get a little extra go go juice this morning...AFTER my treadmill....and show up perky. That'll show 'em.

Cheeky - who is singing..... I like to move it move it....I like to move it move it....I like to move it move it... I like to...MOVE IT! (and yes, I am singing it like they do in Madagascar....just in case you wondered)

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