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Monday, November 16, 2009

See that little ticker to the right....

Yeah the one with the New Moon countdown? Notice how it only has 4 days left...woohooo.

Went this weekend to see 2012. It was what I expected. It ran about 45 mins longer than it should have. Some scenes were a little drawn out. A few too many "close calls" but that is what you expect from this type of flick. The special effects were good. If you like this sort of movie - see it on the big screen for the effects.

Office move went well last week. Still lot of organizing to do in my new office but it will be ok.

Ready to start my Christmas shopping but I needs lists. I better get the lists soon....cause this here Cheeky doesn't do last minute shopping....oh no no. Too stressful.

So....come on.....tell Cheeky Claus what you want for Christmas....

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Friday, November 06, 2009

I - wanna rock and roll all night.....

And party every day!!!!

Tomorrow night - I am heading out to the KISS concert. I am debating on whether or not I want to don the make-up. I think it would just be fun.

Other than that - no really big plans on the agenda for the weekend. Maybe clean out a closet or something like that - I know you all must be trying not to be jealous over that one.

Bon Jovi tickets are on sale too....I will be purchasing that as well. Manchild has insisted on being my date. I told him he would have to take me out to dinner first - he just laughed.

Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Once again....the manchild never ceases to amaze....

Dateline Saturday morning. Its Saturday so everyone is sleeping in but me (I can never sleep past 7) so I go downstairs to sit by the fire and read. At around ummmm 8:40ish manchild gets up, promptly comes into my bedroom and yells at Mr. Cheeky and says....."Why didn't you wake me up?!?" Manchild, clearly agitated and frustrated stomps back out to go to his room, get dressed, go downstairs, eat a poptart and then comes back up to say "OK I am going now see ya later".....wait....what?....going where?

Mr. Cheeky: Manchild, where are you going?
Manchild: School...
Mr. Cheeky: What?
Insert strange look on manchild's face?

They come downstairs to me where I am sitting by the fire reading the latest book of Sookie Stackhouse (thanks EA!) and proceed to tell me. Where I start to laugh. Really laugh. I mean a belly laugh. And then I am trying NOT to laugh cause it hurts the incision where my gallbladder was removed last week - I swear I thought I was gonna bust a stitch or two. But the look on manchild's face was priceless.

Cheeky: Manchild? Where are you going?
Manchild: School
Cheeky: Why? Its Saturday!
Manchild: Huh?
(me and Mr. Cheeky rolling at this point - dazed and confused look on manchild's face)
Mr. Cheeky: You shouldn't have told him....(laughing) you should have let him go (more laughing)

Yep, never a dull moment at Chez Cheeky......

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