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Friday, April 02, 2010

Status update

OK so after 2 full days of going in and out of houses, we have narrowed it down to 3 - with the house with the pool coming in third. I sooooo wanted to love it. And I do love the layout and the style but it is older and needs some love. I don't mind giving it love but there are some other things that are putting it in third - and that is a total bummer.

House #1 and there is the problem. I can't decide. One is in Lexington. It is newer, has a great yard (landscaping looks professionally done), great floor plan. Big back yard with privacy fence. Room for the boat, room for a shed, room for a garden AND room to build a pool. Like I said....BIG backyard and it is closer to work for Mr. Cheeky. Little further out in "the country". The other house is in the Northeast. Same floor plan as the house with the pool (which is a really great floor plan) but newer. In a subdivision but sits on a lot that is over an acre (part of it is wooded in the back but that just means no one can build right behind me). Decent size back yard - room to build a pool. Not sure I can store the boat in my back yard though (will have to check with the restrictions but I didn't see anybody with anything like that after driving through so....). A little cheaper price wise than the house in Lexington and has been on the market longer so they may be willing to negotiate. Super close to shopping - close to the mall, etc. Which is good and bad. Good because I don't have to go very far but bad on my wallet and traffic could be a concern.

I think at this point....I am leaning toward Lexington. I am going back to both of them again today and will make my decision then. I could go with either one so if the deal falls through on one I will have a back up - which is nice.

After looking at both houses again, we are headed to Carowinds to get our season passes and maybe hit a roller coaster or two on our way to visit the parentals for the weekend.

The weather has been absolutely fabulous! I know after getting here this summer I may whine that its hot...but I really don't think that will happen until NEXT summer. This summer I am just gonna smile cause I am back home in the south!

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