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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This is not the end......

It is just a new beginning. Today is the last day of work for me. I will once again be entering into retirement. Now don't be thinking that I am going to be getting all lazy and stuff. I have lots to do before the resting kicks in. First and foremost must finish the packing and get moved (June 14 is coming quick - tick tock tick tock). THEN....must get myself unpacked and settled. After that, its time for a little R&R. My Aunt has invited the manchild and I to the beach for a week the last week in June. I think I am going to take her up on that offer (Aunt D if you are reading I will send you an email later this week). So I want to get as much unpacked before I take that trip.

After getting all settled in I will be setting up and spending quite a bit of quality time in my new crafty room (oh yes, this house has a crafty room). I don't think I am going to have time to get July 4th cards out this year but I do have to replenish my stock of birthday, thank you, and "just because" cards. I was thinking about doing some "We've Moved" cards too. So I have plenty to keep me busy in that department. Of course with retirement, I will have more time for blogging too. I miss doing it on the regular.

Last night the following conversation was had with the manchild:

Cheeky: Did you know that tomorrow is my last day of work?
Manchild: So what are you going to do? Pack all your stuff and say "see ya suckers"?

That kid makes me laugh. How does he come up with this stuff out of the blue?

Cheeky - who seems to think that today may just draaaag by really slow....what do you think?

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