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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Good Facebook Night and Stinko de Mayo

First Facebook - last night I found 2 very long lost friends on Facebook and I couldn't be happier. Once, from when I was waaaaay young - she was my "pen pal" from ME. Seriously, real pen, real paper and snail mail. Oh we were such good pen pals and for whatever reason we lost touch....until now! We have lots of catching up to do.

Another friend I found was just about the only person that got me through the navy years in GA. Her hubs and mine were on the same sub and we were instant friends. Our kids too. So glad I found her again.

For all the frustrations that Facebook can bring (with the links, and games, and viruses) it has also brought a lot of really great people back into my life.

Now - Stinko de Mayo

This is a post that I resurrected from 5/5/06. The events in this post are true and factual. There were no artistic liberties taken. Now for your reading blog post from 5/5/2006:

Stinko de Mayo

Last night at dinner - we were talking about Cinco de Mayo the conversation went something like this:

Cheeky: Do we have any plans for Cinco de Mayo?

Teenage Daughter: When is that?

Cheeky: Tomorrow.

Little Man Child: Stinko de Mayo?

Cheeky: (laughing) Yes, do you know what that is?

Little Man Child: Yeah, that's when you eat beans all day and then stink up the joint - Stinko de Mayo.

Yep, he is a guy - 100%!

Cheeky - who will always and forever remember this little story every time May 5th rolls around. Happy Stinko de Mayo everyone!

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