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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Once again.....and long over due I might add....

I am a home owner in SOUTH CAROLINA BABY!!!! While I could recount for you the details of the things that went WRONG with my closing....and they were extremely numerous....I am choosing to focus on the joy of the situation....I once again own a home in South Carolina. Oh the stories I could tell about the closing....really - you would laugh, you would cry, its quite the drama.....but in the end.....I have a home in SC!

I, once again, have South Carolina license plates on my car (I didn't waste one single second on changing that one siree....and yes, there are stories like how my rental car got hit by a little old man.....but I am being positive). I will have a drivers license soon....(there were issues....I am being positive so I am NOT gonna go there on the ridiculousness - is that a word? - of the process).

In less than 4 weeks....I will once again be a South Carolinian....I don't know if I have to tell you how completely THRILLED I am at this fact.

Yes, I am starting to feel the stress (not a bad thing - just a thing) of everything that has to happen before I move but I am so looking forward to it all. My life, in so very many many many ways, (yes, it needed three manys to convey the sentiment) is about to change.

Teenage daughter will be graduating in 3 weeks and staying in MN to go to college. My little girl will soon be flying the coop. My life is about to go insane......and I am looking forward to EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT ALL!

Minnesota tried to break me.... tried with all it had....but in the end....I am coming out...VICTORIOUS! You can try as you might but can't break THIS southern girl!

Cheeky - who is dancing and singing ....who is completely happy.....AND is wearing a FLAMINGO bra and skivvies....(tmi? who cares...its fun...and really if its flamingo and know I am gonna have it on!) and dancing around.....and wonders if her new neighbors will appreciate her Flamingo Fabulous-ness.

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