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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes things just aren't what you expect.....

Take yesterday for example.....

I took manchild to the dentist for his 6 month cleaning. We really were not expecting to be there long (this is one awesome dentist and he is always on schedule - none of this "oh I am running late you so you can wait an hour" crap). So we go in and a few minutes later man child is called back. After about ummm I dunno twenty minutes or so (I really wasn't paying attention) they call me back - like they always do....but the dentist says "have a seat right here (beside manchild) I want to show you something"....yeah - its never good when that happens.

He proceeds to show me that manchild is in "transition" and lots of teeth are coming at the same time - but there isn't room and his baby teeth are not cooperating and so they may need a little help and at least 2 need to come out - now (a few more may need some "help" in a few months). The dentist knew I was moving soon and so we were trying to figure out when we could get this done. He was going on vacation for the next two weeks starting this Friday and the only other day that he would be able to do it would be Monday, June 14 - the day the moving van shows up or I could do it as soon as we get to SC but it needed to happen very soon (he stressed the urgency of getting it done). The dentist sat there for a minute and said "I was in the military - I remember what it was like all this moving and packing and unpacking and I don't want you to be stressed to find a dentist as soon as you get there to get this done - if you have time, I will just do it now". Yep, I love this dentist - I wish he could have been MY dentist.

So I informed manchild of what was about to happen - he didn't look happy. I went back out to the front and they gave him some nitrous, some Novocaine, and bam out the two teeth came. After the procedure the dentist then took the time to shake my hand and tell me what a pleasure it was to have manchild as a patient and wished us the best on our move. He also said that if I ever had any questions what so ever, even if I already have another dentist - call him - he would be happy to help. Customer service - he gets it! And the best part.....manchild's appt was at 1pm and I was still out of there by 2pm.

Now while I have never had to have the dentist pull any of my teeth, especially ones that were stubborn and didn't want to come out, I can imagine its not a happy experience. Luckily, manchild does not take after me when it comes to dental work. He is in and out - no big deal. I on the other hand would be all kinds of torn up - anyone that has been reading for any length of time knows my feelings on this so I would rather not go there...ha! Manchild (being MY child) decides to milk this whole teeth pulling experience for all it is worth. And to be honest - I was feeling bad for him so I catered to the melodramatics. So after eating anything he wanted for dinner - it was off to dairy queen for some blizzardy goodness.

I don't do this often - but here goes - for anyone that is in MN and reads my blog....If you EVER need a pediatric dentist (or know someone that does) I highly recommend Dennis Carreras at Dentistry for Children. He has an office in Monticello, Sartell, and Princeton (he works out of each of them). Seriously, they are really really great.

Cheeky - who is off to go pack some more boxes and realizes that two weeks from TODAY her baby girl (known to the blogging world as teenage daughter) will be a high school graduate.....

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