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Monday, June 21, 2010

Starting to look like a home

The movers arrived on Saturday with our household goods. They got here exactly when they said they would - 8:30am. It was kind of funny watching the driver maneuver that big transfer truck in my cul-de-sac but he did it. Once they got settled they started unloading at around 9ish or so. They kicked butt. They were all done by noon. Yep - completely unloaded and ready to leave by noon. Fabulous job. Of course when they left it was time for me and the manchild to start unpacking. Mr. Cheeky was at work catching up from taking the time off to move so it was just me and the boy.

Manchild and I hit it hard and got quite a bit done on Saturday. I have a bedroom again. Actually the master bedroom is 98% complete. I say 98% because I still have to decorate - but I don't have the things I need yet - they will need to be purchased - when I find them. This will take time. Manchild's room is 90% complete much for the same reason. The master closet is 90% done. Everything is in there but not organized. So it needs a little love. The love will come later. The priority is make it livable then love it. HA! The living room has furniture, tables and the television is mounted. That is about it. Still have some unpacking to do there. The dining room - same thing. Has a table, chairs and china hutch - that's it. Washer/dryer connected and usable. Office? Didn't really touch it at all. Crafty room - same thing (sigh - I really want to get up there. I am feeling some crafty mojo but I have to get the rest of the house done first - guess that will be my motivation..haha) Kitchen? - ummm still needs quite a bit of work. Have the essentials - coffee maker, pans, utensils, etc. but still a lot of unpacking still to be done here. I waited for the kitchen because I wasn't sure where I wanted to put things - I think I have a better feel for the kitchen now so that is what I am working on today.

All of that was done on Saturday. Sunday we took the day off and drove to NC for Father's Day. I have to say it is really really nice to be able to go on a DAY trip for a visit and come back to your own home. It was quick but nice visit. Scored some fresh veggies from various gardens (onions, squash, and my favorite home grown maters). When we got home we checked on our little garden (that didn't get started until late May cause we didn't own the home yet) and picked our first cucumber - woot woot!

Last night we pretty much crashed. Very tired and worn out.

Cheeky - who will be back to unpacking....once she harvests all her crops on Farmville - seriously, I can't believe I got sucked into that game.....

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