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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I must be losing my mind......

Why, you ask? Because, this Cheeky, who sooo enjoys sitting on her bootay and not exerting too much energy....(HA!) has been....wait for it....wait for it....RUNNING! I will wait while you pick yourself up from passing right out on the floor from that bit of news.

Back with me now? Good. Yep, I have been doing this little run/walk thing. I start out running....go as far as I can, then walk to recover then run again. Knowing myself, I thought that I would have started this little program and given it up within a week or two but noooooooo.....I have been pushing myself to go further and further each day before I walk and I have been walking for less time. In the beginning my endurance was really quite pathetic, but I can see fairly significant improvement and I am pretty amazed with myself. Me.....running - next thing you know I might start bending at the waist and actually doing a crunch or something. Now don't think that I am gonna turn into one of those physical activity nuts. If that happens you can go ahead and have an intervention or just have me committed because I will have totally lost my mind - HA!

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