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Friday, September 28, 2007

No tolerance for pain

Whew.....the pain has subsided just a bit. I can walk, just on my toes with a limp (yeah, its a sight - no I am not going to record it for you). So, let me recap the last 24 hours. I get to the docs office a little early because I knew I was going to have to complete all that paperwork. Well, I didn't even get sat down when they were calling me back (the empty waiting room should have been my first clue that they were on time - I know - a doc that is actually on time - amazing). So I go back, take off the shoe and sock and give Ted his last look around. Doc comes in, takes a look says "Yep we can take care of that". He told me what they were gonna do and within minutes we were getting started. The assistant had me lay on my tummy (or is it lie? I don't know this isn't grammer this is my recap of yesterday - geesh) so they could get to my heel better (plus I couldn't see what they were doing - I wanted to watch but it wasn't gonna happen). Then he asks me if I am allergic to numbing meds - my response "not that I know of". Then.....and I shudder to think about it, the first shot. The assistant tells me to keep my foot still while he was doing the shot - ummm yeah - right. At that point I almost called him a few choice words but didn't want to make the man with the needle mad so I just buried my head in the pillow and tried not to cry. After a few seconds he asked if I was ok and I said "the only thing I can say right now is that I am still alive". He said "well I guess you aren't allergic then". Yeah, he was a smart elect. A trait I usually like but not when you are sticking needles in my heel. He have me a few more shots just to make sure since the doc was going to have to go deep and wide to remove Ted.

In comes the doc. He and the assistant have some banter back and forth and within 15 minutes - I am done. Sweet. I am still numb so I am fine. Assistant asks me if I want to see it. I said, "considering he has been with me since July and I have named him - yeah I want to see him". I got a strange look from that comment. There he was, Ted was in what will be his last home. He was in a little jar just swimming around like he was on vacation or something. He was bigger than I thought - which means the doc had to go pretty darn deep (that was my first warning of pain to come). I was given instructions and told to be very careful not to rip the stitches because if I do, they can't redo it and although it will heal it will just take a really loooooong time. I was in and out of there in like 30 minutes - way cool! So, I am feeling fine, I sorta walk on my toe being careful as I get to my car.

Get home, have a bite to eat and put on my cute little flamingo socks that Agent M sent me (aren't they cute - just perfect for healing - she takes care of her Moneypenny - me incase you are wondering who Moneypenny is)....

and then......... the BAM!!! The numbing meds wear off all at once. PAIN! Serious PAIN! I walk, oh no I won't be walking. Not on my toes, not at all. I move and it hurts (so no I won't be moving). At this point all I want to do is cuss or hit something cause it hurts so bad. And to top it off I have NO pain meds - just over the counter crap. I don't know what I was thinking when I left the docs office and didn't ask for pain meds. Seriously, I didn't think it was going to be like this.

As the day progress, either the pain lessens a little or I am getting more accustomed to it, I can at least hobble for a few feet without screaming obscenities. I need food. I am NOT cooking. I decide I can at least hobble in and get some wings (I mean really, I have to be on my death bed not to want wings). So off to B-dubs (Mr. Cheeky dropped me off by the door and teenage daughter and man child walk beside me as I hobble just in case I need help - I guess I really must have looked like I was in pain or something) where I proceed to get my butt KICKED in trivia - not by some random stranger but by Mr. Cheeky and the teenage daughter - BOTH of them. I blamed it on being in pain and not being able to concentrate. Mr. Cheeky said that when they removed Ted they removed the trivia part of my brain. Yeah, I would have kicked him but my foot hurt. He will pay later.

The rest of the night was spent on the sofa watching Survivor and CSI and wearing my cute flamingo socks.

I have to go back in 10 days for a follow up and have the stitches removed. Because the hole where Ted took up residency was so big, there is going to be a little "pucker" at the end of the scar from where they had to pull the skin together. I can already tell its going to be there but its on my heel so who cares right?

So today, I am still taking it easy. It doesn't hurt as bad - only after I walk it starts to throb so I won't be doing a lot of walking.

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