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Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend update

Well yet another busy but uneventful weekend at Chez Cheeky!

Friday night it was Pizza night (so much for watching what I eat). Then it was Guitar Hero. Mr. Cheeky and I set some all time high scores on there - yeah we were jammin! We kept giving each other high fives like we were really something....hilarious!

Saturday morning quick clean around (read clean up blood spots from my heel...ugh - going to the doc on Tuesday). After lunch we decided that we were going to head down south with the kids to an orchard and pumpkin patch and be silly and get lost in a corn maze. Well we almost made it. Almost. About 5 miles away traffic pretty much came to a stop. It took another hour to go about 3 miles. We got irritated and said - well crap on this. Asked the kids what they wanted to do and did a "U-ey". So we headed to Costco and spent more moolah. Then home for dinner. Again that evening we didn't do too much. I found a treadmill on Craigslist and made an offer - still waiting to see if she is going to accept.

Sunday morning. Woke up from yet another strange dream. In this dream Richie Sambora and I become BFF's and we dis Jon. Don't ask me how I come up with stuff. I don't know. Mr. Cheeky and man child went four wheeling up north. Teenage daughter went shopping with her friends and I played in my room and watched movies. It was a great day. I have lots of samples ready to send to Shell. Just have to do one more thing before sending them. I finished off all my Halloween cards and I want to mail them now but it is a little early (hehe) so since I have a little extra time I think I will do a Turkey day/Fall card. I might head out Monday afternoon to find a design. While card making I watched two movies - one really good one not so good. The not so good one was Behind the Mask - sort of a parody of a serial killer. One of the tag lines was Michael Myers needed someone to look up to. I thought it had potential (since I am a fan of Michael, Freddy, Jason and the bunch). No, it was stupid. But I did invest my time for the first half so I felt obligated to see it through. The second movie - Fracture - was GREAT! I lurve me some Sir Anthony Hopkins and he did me proud in this movie. I watched the alternate endings too but I like the one they chose for the movie.

Sunday night - we had Portobello stuffed chicken breasts and oh my they were incredible! Along with some of my tater salad that everyone in the family loves so I love to make it cause it makes them happy (awww isn't that a disgustingly sweet sentiment? But its true). Then it was premier time for Family Guy....ummmm I fell asleep. I didn't see the whole thing. I am ashamed....ashamed I tell you...but I did sleep really good.

Cheeky - who would sing you a song but just heard the man child horking in the bathroom and yeah - it doesn't sound good - so no time for singing now....If you wanna sing one I will do the back up.....

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