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Monday, September 10, 2007

H.O.L.Y. Scrap!!!! (sorry its sort of a long post)

What a weekend! My dogs are barkin and my backs achin but man oh man what a weekend. So it started on Friday afternoon where I headed out to MOA to go ahead and get my registration badge and "gift". Then I started hitting each of the booths. Yes, there were lines but they were not as bad as last year (I only went on Saturday). Came home fairly early to beat the rush hour traffic and rest up a little before heading out to the "crop around town" in Coon Rapids. Our sponsor was a vendor that is fairly new and based out of MN (cool eh?) so they gave us lots of stuff. I arrived a few minutes early to get set up and waiting for me on the table was a bag of goodies from them. The vendor was Stemma (yeah I hadn't heard of them before either but I like them). There also was a really cute make and take in our bag as well. Also was a little small bag of munchies all decorated up....too cute. As I was getting my self organized and waiting for dinner (you don't want to have all your pics and stuff out and then try to eat around bueno), I met the two cutest little old retired ladies that were sitting at the table next to me. Very sweet and out going ladies. We ended up swaping phone numbers so we can all scrap together at other times. They really were fun. I bet they are gonna call too.

Dinner arrives (it was lasagna, salad and bread from DaVanni's - YUM!) and was very very tasty. After quickly eating the scrapping began. It was a frenzy of paper and pictures and embellishments and tools - it was GREAT! I got lots of pages done and was quite proud of my self. I learned before going how to organize my stuff for travel so I am not constantly looking for things. Then the prizes began. We all got one from Archiver's (the store hosting) and it was packed with stuff (pics below). Lots of stuff that I can use. A few things I can't. Over the next day or so I will post pics of stuff that I won't or can't use and if you want it - its yours so just let me know. I hung around until they gave out the 2 grand prizes but it wasn't my lucky night for those. As soon as that was done I packed it up and called it a day.

Got home at about 12:30am. And went straight to bed.

Up again at 6:45am. Quick shower and made a scrambled egg for breakfast - grabbed and apple and a kashi bar (for energy while standing in line) and was out the door. Got to the mall and got serious rock star parking. First row, first space by the door just outside the rotunda where there crop was being held - PERFECT! I wouldn't have to drag my supplies halfway across the mall or parking garage - it was right there. Got in and stood in line for my class to begin (that is why I was there so early - I took a class). The class was hosted by Stampendous and those ladies didn't waste any time. Bing Bang Boom and before you know it class was over and we had made 3 cards (in 45 mins). VERY VERY cute cards - can't show them too you because I might be using them for my design this year - and I want you to be surprised. I will send one to you Shell since you haven't picked your design yet (I make her cards for her friends and family). NOW IF you are interested in maybe having me do your cards too, well then I will show ya. Got my little goodie bag from them (nicely done by the way and not super expensive but had some quality items in there). Then it was down to the main floor for more booths and standing in line. I did quite a few of the make and takes and got lots of ideas for future things. Around lunch time I wasn't in the mood for the fast food from the food court to I went to Tony Romas.

OH MY. So I was alone(Suzanna hadn't gotten there for the day yet) so I decided to sit in the bar so I could watch some of the college games. There wasn't really many people there. A table of 20-somethings thinking they are all that, myself, and a dude behind me that apparently is a regular - Dominic. The bartender - Scott - was hilarious. So as I am sitting there waiting for my burger, I group of guys are sitting there bragging about how hard they party and how much they drink - blah blah basically the jock type stroking their own egos. Scott hears this and just shows up at their table with a double shot of something. Sat in on the table and said "here drink this". They asked what it was and he wouldn't tell - victim one took and and it was all he could do to get it down. The other guys were giving him crap. Scott took his finger and swabbed the bottom and then lit the remnants of the liquid on his finger on fire. Yep, that was some strong stuff. So a few minutes later, Scott shows up with another double shot to give to the one that was really running his trap. He drank it but it they were done. They quickly paid their bill, tucked their tails between their legs and was out of there - they couldn't admit Scott had one on them. I was giggling to myself. Scott saw me and smiled cause he knew that I knew what he was doing. Over all - good food, good service, good entertainment....I wished they were closer I would love to hang out there regularly like Dominic - he was good people and they treated him good too (lots of things on the house for this guy).

Back out to the scrapfest for a few more hours and then I was really tired. I had 2 hours to go before the crop began at 6:30 and needed to get off my feet for a while so I decided to go out to the car, put the seat back, and rest. I didn't sleep but I did kick off my shoes and stretch out a bit and that was nice. Then in at 6:30 for the crop. Dinner was from Famous Dave's (I am not a fan - they are so-so but its just not southern BBQ). Then let the crop begin. Our vendor was EK success and again we got some really good stuff from them. Another really full goodie back from Archivers (with different things that I had gotten the night before). Got lots of good ideas and talked with some really funny ladies from Colorado. Again, got several pages done (this album is almost done - woohoo). I was trying really hard to hold out for the grand prizes (if you are not there you don't get them). It was all I could do to stay that long. The prizes weren't given out until midnight and I was losing steam around 10. But I did it. I made it through.

Got home just after 1am. Had a glass of wine to relax and crashed.

Sunday: I didn't really sleep in as much as I thought I would but I did feel the results of my actions over the past two days. As I was putting my feet on the floor to get out of the bed and I stood - I realized that I need a little more exercise. My lets and feet were really sore. After I moved around a little bit though things were ok. Maybe I am just getting old........nah..... Spent most of the day hanging out with the family since I really didn't see them much over the previous 2 days. I just took it easy.

So here are the pics of all my goodies (don't be hatin')....

This is the goodie bag from Archivers on Friday night

This is the goodie back from the sponsor - Stemma. The little pail was the make and take they brought.

This is the goodie bag from Archivers on the second night....

This is the goodie bag from EK Success on the second night....

These are some of the items that I purchased during the event. Sort of random things but I needed some of them for current projects...

BUT - my FAVORITE purchase of the weekend is THIS (fellow crafters - don't be hatin')....

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