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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meet Cheeky Spears

I did it ya'll. I couldn't take it anymore. Katie tried all last week to keep the scissors from me. The hair was just buggin' and I.JUST.COULDN'T.TAKE.IT. So yesterday, mid day I called my hair girl and said - I need an intervention, I need you to see me today or its all coming off. I got the appt for 7:15 last night. She talked me into not cutting it ALL off but to just take a few inches - so we compromised on 4. 4 inches ya'll and its still below my shoulders - barely but still. It feels soooooo good. All those dried icky looking ends are gone. My hair is soft again. It can be washed without looking like a nest again. AND I can still put it up to make myself look smart when I want to. I think I am happy now. I don't think I will go shorter - yet.

I know I know - yes, pics are coming but not at 7:30 in the am when I just got up and it looks well - cute but I don't.


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