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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love a rainy night......OR doncha just love email

First and foremost let me send a SHOUT OUT to my BIL Jeffro (ok so its just Jeff) cause its his BIRTHDAY!!!!!! WOOOT!!!! Your package is in the mail Uncle Paddytale***

OK so last night, in the middle of the FINAL episode of Hell's Kitchen...our local weather guy....Ian on Fox news, kept breaking in to tell us "the rains are a comin'....the rains are a comin'" (OK so it was a tornado warning....same thing). So, Mr. Cheeky and I decided that we were gonna have a little fun. We went on the news channel page and started sending some email.....cause you know its all anonymous and stuff...about how we were a little peeved that they interupted Rock's celebration to show me its gonna rain (but we made it much funnier you know cause its all anonymous and stuff)........HELLO...I have a window...I see the sky lit up like the freakin fourth of July (actually it was a good show, I sorta liked it) I know its gonna rain, I see the tree bent over in the front yard so yeah, I know the winds are a don't have to interrupt Hell's Kitchen to tell me what my own two eyes see. It was funny ya'll we were sending emails and being all redneck and stupid and laughing till we almost cried. Immature? ABSOLUTELY!!! Fun? OH you have NO IDEA. We even had a weather chick 1/4 mile from the house - we could almost see her (but of course a house was in the way). Yeah, we get our kicks from the stupidest of things.....actually. You know, when you submit your phone number for the local weatherman to call you - you have reached a plateau of redneckness that most only hope they will obtain. Wanna see an example of just ONE of the messages we sent.....

For your reading enjoyment:

ian.... dude.... you really need to call me.... 763******* (in the original of course the number was real) now dont sell my number and dont bother my wife.. if she answers just hang up (trust me you don't want to deal with her after the crappy day she has had). so call me and we will my buddy and all but come on call me.. or something... you are very optimistic... please respond to my email so i can contact you directly .... here it is... ***@*** (yeah he put in our real email).... i'm in (our town)..... i promise i'm not drinking.. tonight........bye

i had a very crappy day until now(and for my wife - hers was even worse.... i know it is very sad... that a bad weather night entertains me and the missus and we know round 2 is going nail us... but...... what can i say.. you guys are the best.. if you want to send a news crew to interview me i'll do it ... just dont bother my wife... she aint from around here and she won't like it.......... just trust me.... i only gots one tooffs and its gold so make sure you can focus real good .... ok i'm done..... its up too you now.

****The name Uncle Paddytale comes from the teenage daughter. We were living in GA at the time and she was really young. My sister and her hubs (Jeff) came down for a visit and was taking the daughter out for dairy queen. It was chilly and I told her to wear a jacket, she didn't want to, I made her, she wasn't happy. So off she and Jeff go to the DQ. When they get back he tells how she didn't want to wear her jacket home. And so the daughter lovingly calls him Uncle Tattletale BUT she couldn't clearly say "tattletale" and it came out "Paddytale" and that is what he has been called ever since....hehe

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