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Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Update....with your host Cheeky!

Friday night. The teenage daughter headed down to the Twins game with her friend and her friend's family. So the man child, Mr. Cheeky and I headed on down to B-dubs for some wings and trivia. I wasn't really into the trivia this time around becuse they were playing the X-games on the big screen (before the Twins game came on)and man child was all into it - yeah, that's it, it was HIM that was into it. No not me. Not at all. Came home with full bellies and proceeded to play Guitar Hero until after midnight. How is it that time flies when you are rockin'?

Saturday - slept in. It was a cool and overcast day. Little drizzley. Goofed around the house in the morning and then went to scout out a new craft store. OMG....I could have droped a small fortune in this store. I was good. I contained myself. I only bought a few things. I can't say that I will be able to do that in the future. (Oh and Shell honey - you HAVE to come here now - the sister store was a BEAD HAVE to come now....HAVE TO...GOT IT? Good....). After I got home, I went down in my room to play a little and created some really cute cards ya'll. Mr. Cheeky and the man child scouted out a new fishing spot and the teenage daughter and her friend went babysitting. That evening, we just whipped up a little something light for dinner and watched The Omen on HBO (or was it Cinemax? I dunno - we just watched it). Then it was round two of Guitar Hero! Yep, once again played until Mad TV came on. Watched that and then it was off to snoozeville.

Sunday - slept in again. Had a lazy morning. It was still cool and overcast so I just snuggled up under a blanket and watched My Cousin Vinny. I *heart* this movie. I haven't seen it all the way through in a while. Joe Pesci really does a great job and makes me giggle. Headed out to the local chain craft store to get my free goodies (from the newsletter) then headed home. Teenage daughter and her friend (yes the same one - you know "L" my MN adopted daughter) went to "L"'s church to work the fund raiser. Man child and Mr. Cheeky went fishing again and I played down stairs while watching Family Guy on DVD. Dinner was quick and easy again. Hotdogs! Yeah not very nutritiuos but oh so yummy!

So it was sort of a cool, lazy, do what you want to kind of weekend. I did notice a few things that need to be changed however - behaviors that need just a little bit of modificaiton that will start this week. Nothing major, just have given them a little too much rope if you know what I mean, time to reel them back in before they get too far out of control ya know?

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