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Monday, July 30, 2007

We got the beat.........

Yep, you guessed it. This weekend was filled with playing Guitar Hero 3 - Attack of the 80's!!!! Very fun! We played this off and on through out the weekend after buying it on Saturday. So lets do a little recap....

Friday: not much happening here. Sort of a lazy day/evening. After a really late supper, I went in my little room and played with my toys. Made some really cute birthday cards to have on hand (hey, if you have a b-day coming up let me know - I will send you one) and watched St. Elmo's Fire while I was playing.

Saturday: Again not much. Did a little straightening up around the house (yeah, that purge feeling I had earlier in the week got suppressed - wooohoo!). Teenage daughter and her friends went to see Hairspray. Mr. Cheeky, the man child and I went to see the Simpsons movie. It has some really good laugh out loud moments. Very enjoyable. AND if you didn't stay through the credits you missed it - so if you haven't seen it yet, stay through the credits. The rest of the evening we played 80's Guitar Hero until it was time for Mad TV and then pretty much got tired and that was it. Yeah, we are the exciting bunch around here these days.

Sunday: After a nice breakfast, another lazy day of doing this and that. Mr. Cheeky and man child went fishing. Teenage daughter and her friends went to the Warped Tour downtown and was gone all day. I putzed around here and there. Got some groceries and then proceeded to chop and prep everything (well a lot of things) for the week to make life easier (see that domestic thing pops out from time to time).

And for all of you out there that are wondering....I am making an appt with the doc today about the heel. Not getting any better and still bleeding too much and really starting to hurt now (which is my main motivation). Mr. Cheeky said they are gonna lance it....ummm OUCH! Let's hope its not that drastic shall we?

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