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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And it just keeps going and going.....

So are you tired of hearing about my birthday month yet? Well, too bad cause now its time for the recap. But before I do....let me just say....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP! Lots of Hugs and Kisses! The checks from Uncle Sam will be rollin in soon!!

Mommy K got in on Friday and we were headed to the River Center to overdose on all that is scrapbooking. I picked her up at the airport and then had to figure out how to get to the River Center from there. I know how to go ONE WAY but have never had to drive from the other direction. I found it. I am good like that. We made our way through half of it then decided it was time for some nourishment so we left to head out to McGovern's for some food. We split a massive burger and it was very good! Back to the River Center for our all night scrap! She won a prize for the farthest traveled. I won a door prize for a paid weekend retreat in Chippewa Falls, WI! Woohoo! Got home and the house was decorated with streamers and balloons - gotta love those kids!

Saturday (The Day Cheeky was Birthed!) got up ate break fast and read my birthday cards from the kids and the cats. I have to scan these cards and let ya'll see them - I am tellin ya - I live with smart elects. Headed back to the convention to go through the part that we didn't see before. Then headed to Maple Grove for lunch and to hit some more craft stores. Came home for dinner - I had Lobster everyone else had honkers. After dinner we all headed to Dave & Busters (you know the adult version of Chuck E Cheese) and played. Directionally challenged Katie met us there later in the evening. Had a great time. Had some dude at the trivia game kept paying for me and Mommy K to play since it was my birthday. I think he just liked hearing us talk cause he knew right away we "weren't from around here". So I was on one side, K on the other - he southern in stereo ya'll. Got my tickets and bought a goofy bird that will be making its home in my office.

Sunday - The day of rest. Had breakfast then it was time for me and K to head downstairs and scrap! And scrap we did. For hours. Took a break to grab a bite to eat and get some supplies but then we were back at it again.

Monday - MOA!

Tuesday - Its time to take K back to the airport. I am sad to see her go. We have had a really great time.

NOW a really big THANK YOU TO:

Katie: I love my flamingo - and he keeps giving me the googly eye so I think he loves me too. And thanks for coming to hang with the Cheeky's!

Shell: That necklace it is beautiful - teenage daughter keeps eyeing it like I am gonna let her borrow it...yeah, right.

Mommy and Daddy: For all my goodies

Jenie: Loved my card! and keeping an eye on the mailbox hehe

EA: I love it when you sing to me! hehe

Brian and Melted Snowballs: Again, loved my cards - ya'll send some good ones!

Patti and Jenie: for thinking of me and wishing me Happy Birthday and helping to continue the celebration that is the birthday MONTH! (Ya'll know what I mean heehehehe and I love it!)

Cheeky - who is ok with being 35 because she has the best friends (real and internet) that anyone could ask for!

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