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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So, Last Night was the Premier....

Of the Singing know the show I applied to be on (and haven't heard back yet - grrrrr). So I am watching it and I was talking to the teenage daughter and she was like "yeah, you could kick butt Mom" then the man child pipes in from upstairs.....

Man Child : You don't have to sing well you just have to know the lyrics right?
Cheeky: yeah right
Man Child: yeah, you would kick butt
Cheeky: yes, I would - wait? What do you mean don't have to sing well, you sayin' I can't sing?
Man Child: (giggles)

See, I keep telling you, I am raising two very big smart elecks with very quick wit - that my friends.... is a dangerous combination.

OH and IF you will recall - after getting my porcelain crown last fall, teenage daughter so loving calls me a potty mouth (cause porcelain is what they make toilets out of)....well I get a call tonight and apparently the same thick disgusting crap that the doc gave me to gargle with when they thought I had mono last month (and for the record they were wrong wrong wrong), is the same thing they gave a friend of my sister's for a chapped butt so not only do I have a potty mouth but now apparently I gargled butt salve....niiiiiiiice......

In case you are keeping track we are at T minus 4 days (including today) and counting people .....T minus 4 days and counting until America (well, the blogesphere, well ok Chez Cheeky) celebrates the day that Cheeky was birthed! I think I may plan a virtual party.....yeah I know short notice but it involves you may want to rearrange your schedule to join in......

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