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Friday, July 13, 2007

Its gonna be a BUSY BUSY day...

So are you excited? WE are at T minus 1 day people 1 DAY!!! (yeah you would think I was turning 21 wouldn't ya?...hehe)

Today is gonna be very busy for me. It is only 6:30am and I have already logged into work and prepped for my meeting. Now I have to jump in the shower and get myself ready. Then head down to "the room" to make sure I have all of my supplies in order (cause I should have been doing that all week but I am a slacker) because after my weekly meeting this chick is loading up the car with her supplies and heading down to the airport to pick up Mommy K and then we are headed to the scrapbook convention in St. Paul (I see you rollin your eyes...just stop it - stop it right now). We will be there all day and then stay for the crop so I won't be getting home until really really late. Like midnight late, like it will already be my birthday late!

As for tomorrow's festivities - who knows - its gonna be a fly by the seat of our pants kinda thing (Katie, Heather - if we come up with something good we will give you a call and you can join in if you would like).

I have already gotten some way cool gifts (that I will take pics of as soon as hubby gets home from Germany today). EA honey you will be jealous of what Katie sent me. Also, already got my gift from Mommy and Daddy (THANK YOU!).

OH so here is a story for ya. I get a package in the mail on Wednesday and Teenage Daughter was like:

Teenage Daughter: Who is this from? Who do we know that lives there? (referring to the town on the return address)
Cheeky: Hello??? you know the totally fantabulous chick that hung out with me at Rockin Rogers....(that would be Katie to you and me)
Teenage Daughter: oh yeah

As I proceed to open the box and see the inside package is wrapped teenage daughter takes it from me and says:
Teenage Daughter: Its not your birthday yet - you can't have this (and puts it behind her back)
Cheeky: Oh yes I can, (snatches it back) because it is my birthday MONTH! HA!

Cheeky - who is now gonna run and go sing in the shower. Any requests?

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