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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Attack of the pedicure

OK ya'll, you KNOW how much I love to get my feet did! You KNOW that wearing sandals with nasty feet is a serious NO-NO. Well, last weekend, I was reduced to wearing sneakers because my feet were not sandal ready. I love sandals - its the next best thing to going bare foot which I do in my house, even in the winter. So, last Saturday, I decided that I needed to go and get my toes did. They look good, real good.

Sunday morning as I was enjoying my coffee, barefeet and all, I looked down and noticed that there was blood on my left heel. Toward the back where you can see it if your foot is down. "Hmmm" I thought to myself, "that is odd". I go and clean it up and look around to make sure there wasn't any on the floor. There is a small spot on the bottom of my heel. I poured peroxide on it and put a bandage on it (cause bandaids make everything better) and went on about my day. Over the next day or so, it would oooze so I would cleanse with peroxide and bandage so I wouldn't get blood on the floor.

Yesterday morning after getting out of the shower I noticed several spots of blood on the floor. I looked down and it was again coming from my heel. This time it took a while to get it to stop and once I did I peroxided it, neosporined it, and bandaged it. Fast forward to last night. I took off the original bandage to clean and peroxide it again and it started pouring blood. Pouring. Like I had to sit on the counter and just let it run into the sink. It took quite a long time to even get it to slow down. I had to use one of those large bandages, you know, like for your knee, to cover it because it was still bleeding too much for a regular bandage.

This morning I got up to replace the bandage which was full of blood. I cleaned around the area and peroxided it again. We are back to a small bandage again because its still oozing blood (it hasn't scabbed up at any point during this process). This can't be a good thing can it? Do you think it came from the pedicure? (that is what I am thinking). Any suggestions? I am trying to avoid the doc if I can. OH and its starting to get a little tender but in the overall scheme of things it hasn't been that sore.

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