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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I got the bird for my birthday.....

The birthday month continues! I got a package from Patti yesterday and love love love it! Because I have the best friends any girl could ask for....I thought I would just share my gifts with the internets.....nope I ain't braggin' - I am just very thankful!

From Patti:

My monogrammed towel and note pad. Hmmm wonder if she thinks I need to takes notes while on the "thinker"?? I crack myself up.....

From Katie:

Just look at him....too freakin' cute! He is beaded!

From Shell: got skillz!

From Mommy K (a non blogger unfortunately):

Look I got some bling ya'll....

AND a little gift to myself - I found him on clearance and he didn't need to be there all alone....he was only $3....

The bird I exchanged all my tickets for from Dave & Busters....excuse his posture, he had a late night last night....

AND it really is a birthday month. Sunday, I got flowers.....PINK ones!

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