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Friday, July 20, 2007

On with the show this is IT!!!! (and other random things)

Yes, this is it my friends....the dream we all dream of (wait!, that is a Prince song...sorry got distracted hehe). This is the night that the teenage daughter has been waiting for since the announcement of the final Harry Potter book. So tonight, at 10ish I will be taking her to the bookstore for all the fun and festivities (read: pushing and shoving) to get her copy of the book when it is released at midnight. She and her friend L plan on staying up the rest of the night to read it. Actually I was told, "I am gonna shut myself in my room all weekend and read it Mom". So, looks like a quiet house for me this weekend ....hehehe!

"Edited to add": I have just been informed that teenage daughter is now decided she is going to dress up as a Death Eater for the festivities.....yes, I will take pics!

On another topic, L thinks the teenage daughter and I are funny because I was upstairs in my office last night and teenage daughter was downstairs and we kept sending each other comments and messages on myspace. L was like "but she is just right upstairs"....we are silly like that.

Man child is staying over with a friend tonight and going to the fair - woohoo! Maybe just maybe I might get to sleep in tomorrow. That is if I remember to shut the cat out of my room so he doesn't scream in my face at 5am to tell me to get up. Reminds me of the Flintstones where Fred throws the cat out the window and the cat just comes back in and throws Fred out. Yeah, Sylvester would do that if he could.

Tonight we are headed to a friends house to do a little grillin and chillin! Throw some meat on the grill and play some lawn games (ladder golf and baggo probably). It won't be a late night because I have to get back to take the girls to the store cause I am a cool mom like that!

Cheeky - who is sayin...TGIF!!!

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