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Monday, July 23, 2007

I am utterly disgusted

With myself. I can't believe what I did this weekend. AND what's worse, not only did I do it once but I did it TWICE! I mean seriously, I can't believe I did it. So, I know you are asking yourself, "well what did she do?". To some of you, this may not be that big of a deal, to others, well you feel my pain. Let me explain.

Friday night, we went to a friend's house for a little grillin and chillin. It was a very nice day weather wise and so I wore jeans and a nice shirt. I opted for sneakers since my feet were not in the right condition for sandals. We got there and got settled and then it happened. I got cold. IN JULY! In the middle of the freakin summer I got cold! But here is the bad part, I put on a SWEATSHIRT! IN JULY!!! because I was COLD!! I mean I wasn't there an hour yet and I was cold. What kind of a weenie am I? This is just wrong on soooooo many levels.

On the way home, I stopped to get the teenage daughter and her friends. The book was released at midnight and she had gotten her book and was in the car and we were on the road at 12:08 - to too bad. I left the light on in the car so they could start reading right away. They read the first chapter and then someone on said, "oh this book is going to be sooo emotional" - that just cracks me up. They read until 5:30am (remember they had been up at the butt crack of dawn on Friday to get in line for their arm bands). Took a quick eating break (they are teenagers) then snoozed until 8. Got up and continued reading until the book was done! So when I asked who died the little snots said "we aren't telling you have to read it for yourself" - Niiiiiice.

Saturday night we headed back down to the same house as the night before to have a little more fun and watch the fireworks for the Aquatennial. The kids came along for this one. Teenage daughter slept in the back of the car until the food was ready. Then when she got up she proceeded to tell me what happened to who and who died. I am NOT gonna give you any spoilers but I will say when she told me about one of the characters that died I was a little sad - I liked that character.

We walked a couple of blocks from the house to where the fireworks were being held. They were not tooo shabby. Actually, they were good. Then we walked back to the house and sat by the fire. Yep, that's right - the FIRE all while wearing my SWEATER because I was COLD in the middle of JULY!!! TWO nights in a ROW!

Here are a few fire cracker pics....

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