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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update from the Charlotte Aiport forward

Katie thinks row 14 is actually row 12.

The flight attendant for this leg of the trip was a freakin riot. "If you hit the call button we will come, if it was a mistake just hit it again, if you hit it a third time you will automatically be ejected to the wing of the plane." Seriously, she said this and many other things....I heart her.

If you have never rented a car before, please step to the end of the line and let the professionals through. It will take us 5 minutes....seriously 5 MINUTES, it took you half an hour because you whine and moan about what car you want, safety deposits and mandatory car seats for your hellion of a child.

Patti's man Stacy will try to rent you a male escort when you call Patti's phone to get directions for the house. I told him to give me 3 cause one might get tired.

Stacy is a riot.

Madison is too cute for words.

People in the south LURVE Vera Bradley handbags so when you are looking for one for your teenage daughter for her birthday next week - yeah it can be a little hard to find.

If you ever want a low country boil (or frogmore stew as we call it) just call Stacy - he will hook you right up.

When going to the Riverbanks zoo, don't try to go around the corner to look for the ticket booth - you will get hunted down like the freeloader that you are. Then after purchasing said tickets, the ticket nazi will then follow you into the bathroom.

It has been decided that the zoo management has decided that paying someone to say "welcome to the zoo" in a soothing voice over the speaker system all day is much more important than having maps that are accurate OR placing signs to tell you where you are going.

Wendy and Jayke are too fun. Jayke is totally cracking me up.

When kids tap on the glass with a quarter, the gorilla will elbow the glass and make them crap their pants.

Not only are we directionally challenged at the zoo but the directions for the hotel in Myrtle Beach were just a wee bit off. But we made it and then totally passed out after getting we were not drunk (geesh you think we are a bunch of lushes or something) we were tired, toasted from the heat and just plain exhausted.

But before passing out we did notice that there was a sad little man all alone in the heart shaped hot tub at the short hotel next to us. He sat there all alone for the longest time. He never did find love. Could be cause you were by yourself in the hot tub....just sayin'.....

So that is it....that is what we have so far. Today we slept in pretty late (its 10:30a already) and so we are making our game plan for the day. Updates will either be here or over at Katie' place so check back often.


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