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Monday, August 27, 2007

Things I have learned this week....

About Katie:

It is really KATIE that will keep you up until 1:45 am watching the Golden Girls - she may try to blame me but Noooooo it was her.

Bond, James Bond.

Will give you a cheek ache - seriously this girl has made me laugh all week long.

We tried to fight - but just couldn't.

Two words: Vodka Cran.

Beer count: 5 Cocktails: lost count on day 2.

Doesn't do horror flicks - this is where we agree to disagree.

We are too much alike - so much in fact that we have the same sleep number.

She might try to break her leg but she will look damn good doing it.

She says: "Its a dear diary day"

When you say something really funny (about oh I dunno - your obsession with Bon Jovi) and you make her laugh really hard - she will fall on the floor laughing - ROTHLMAO - that was about her. She is the personification of it.

She put up with listening to the 80's channel on the satelite radio in the hot little car all week long.

She can handle me singing.

Things I have learned about Patti:

You probably already knew this but I heart this woman.

She is not only the monogram queen but also the t-shirt diva!

By her own admission - she attracts freaks.

She has tiny feet and hands. Tiny!

She will answer "where miss cheeky at?" and "football game?" over and over within a 45 minute period.

Her man is a riot!

Her man can cook - you want low country boil - go see him!

Things I have learned in General:

I not tarded I tell my Daddy!

When staying with someone for an extended period of time the conversation will eventually turn to farts and burps - even if you are girls.

My hot little rental car was possessed and when you turned it off the angels would sing to you.

Don't try to jump on a sleep number bed.

My sleep number bed was possessed.

Don't let the Pepsi label fool you - its really diet coke.

The golf channel is like the sex channel - blocked out on the hotel cable.

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