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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are you ready for some football???

Tonight, I am headed to go see me some football live and in person. Cool huh? Bad part is I am not a fan of either of the teams. I am NOT a Vikings fan and I am definitely NOT a Dallas fan (ducking from my TX friends here hehe). But that is not going to stop me from having a good time. I have talked about this before, I can watch sports on TV for a limited time but I LOVE going to the game live.

Teenage daughter had a good birthday (I think - she is a teenager she doesn't tell me everything...hehe). Once again she was being a poser (first was the whole birthday month thing - trying to be like her mom - me!) what did she want for dinner? Lobster! What did she get for dinner? Lobster! Yeah, I know - I am a sucker but I like birthdays. The pic is a little blurry but you get the idea...

The man child is still looking out for me. I am on the couch last night and he calls down from upstairs...

Man Child: Hey Mom
Cheeky: Yo
Man Child: Grease is coming on TV tomorrow night
Cheeky: Thanks

At least he didn't wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me this. That is progress people.

Once again, I was wearing a sweatshirt yesterday and I already have one on this morning. I don't like cold but I do like sweatshirt weather. I am wearing my new scrappin sorority one and it is so soft.....I mean really really soft. Speaking of scrappin, Scrapfest 2007 is just around the corner. Starts a week from tomorrow and yeah I have an entire weekend planned - I am an addict and during scrapfest I have to be careful of OD'ing....hehe.

The state fair is in town but I haven't had time to go yet. I am thinking tomorrow will be a good day. Take off work early and just go. That is the only day the teenage daughter has free from tennis. OH and while I was on vacation (which is why I didn't post it right away) she tells me that she is CAPTAIN of her team! Way to go!

OK that's it, that's all I got for now. Happy Thursday!

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