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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You can beg and you can plead but my mind is made up

Ever since the doc signed Ted's walking papers yesterday (see update from last post), he has been a good little granuloma. He promises to be good and not bleed from here on out but I know those are just empty promises. He just doesn't want to be ripped out of the only home he has ever known. I see his little game. He has it all nice an comfy there. He has someone to clean him and baby him regularly. Well NO MORE! Ted my dear, tomorrow is your Independence day buddy!

With that being said I have to admit the thought of someone shooting needles into my heal then proceeding to cut a big ole hole out it just isn't my day of fun. Just how big? I dunno and I won't know until I get there. I don't like not knowing - its not a happy time.

Enough Ted talk - lets move on to something even more fun.....last night I made chili for the first time this fall season and it was just absolutely wonderful! Today I am wearing a new long sleeve t-shirt that Mr. Cheeky brought me from Texas - wanna guess what's on it - come on you Texas ladies - guess....That's right - he got me a Texas Longhorn's long sleeve T. Woot! Its a little on the big side (okay its 2 sizes too big) but I don't care. It makes it perfect for hanging out in the house in and when winter gets here, it will be perfect for layering clothes underneath.

I woke up in a grand mood this morning so I am going to grab myself a cup o joe and enjoy the morning before manchild has to get up for school!

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