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Monday, February 14, 2011

Work Work Work....All Day Long....

Yeah - the title pretty much sums up the weekend - HA! It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise so we spent all day Saturday and three quarters of the day on Sunday in the yard. LOTS of work was completed but there is still plenty more to do. But I am happy with how much we did get done.

Although there was lots of work, there was my reward at the end of the day....fresh grilled shrimp - and the Shoot out Saturday night - oh yeah! So good.

OK - subject change - in honor of Heart Day, manchild and I will be going out on a date tonight....quote from the manchild "it will be an all expense paid trip to Applebees!" HA! That boy lurves him some Applebees. Also, I made some strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Heart day and I have to say, Holy Moly they are GOOOD! Kitty girl even had a bite (with permission - ha). I swear that cat lurves her some cake!

Tomorrow's post? A recap of my date with the manchild.....

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