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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I am on the hunt.....

For a good pair of jeans! It's that time of year again when the air turns cool (as much as I LOVE the heat - FALL is my favorite time of year - cool mornings, warm sunny days....but I digress) and you need a good pair of jeans. I have none. Not one single pair. OK that's a lie....I have 5 pairs and they are ALL.TOO.BIG. Like falling off of me too big so even if I wear them with a belt they look bad.

Now having a good pair of jeans is worth their weight in gold. But the search for that great pair - can be a long and tedious process. Find a pair that looks good, go to the dressing room, undress, dress, not sure if you like them (do they look good on? do they make your butt look big? do they fit in the butt AND the waist? and what about the legs? are they cut right?), undress, dress back in your original clothes and repeat process again 50 more times. Then there is the money factor. I hate paying a lot for jeans. I would rather spend that money on something else....but then again if they are GREAT jeans - sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

Oh - and I need fall shirts too. Literally me and another person could fit in my fall shirts - at the same time. Now this means they are totally comfy for wearing around the house but shouldn't be worn in public. I know - this is a good problem to have - everything being too big!

So today's agenda will go something like this....wake up (done), get some go-go juice (done), play on facebook (done), blog (in progress), wake manchild for school and make him breakfast (will be doing this in 45 mins), take manchild to school, come home and go for a run (didn't go yesterday), shower, eat a little something while playing on facebook, fight with the printer some more, then head out for a day of shopping, hopefully score a few deals, come home, unload the bounty (if I have one), make dinner (tonight its pork chops, pasta salad and baked beans), the rest of the evening is to be determined at that point.

Cheeky - who wants to know - what will YOU be doing today?

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