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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It only took a week......

Before little Squeaker spent the night in the house. Its been a really great week learning about her. She is really a sweetie. So, after my last post, that evening I let Squeaker in the house to play for a little and what did she do? Jumped on my lap and promptly decided it was a great place to take a little nap. She loves to climb up on your lap and sleep. Its so sweet! AND - she knew how to use the litter box without having to be "told". I was half expecting to find little "treasures" in the house but not only is she sweet - she is considerate too. She is quickly becoming queen of her castle too. Still not intimidated by the other cats at all. As a matter of fact Britches, who is twice the size of Squeaker, is scared of this little baby. So, when Squeaker comes in to play or nap, the other cats leave her alone. I think that's hilarious. This sweet little baby is getting her way - QUICK!

Now, I have been letting her in quite a bit at night to play and snuggle but I have been putting her in her bed outside when its time to turn out the lights. However, last night, it was stormy, and nasty, and raining HARD. I couldn't put anything out in that nastiness so I kept all 4 kitties (2 inside, 2 outside) in the house. Of course, Squeaker was the only one in the bed snuggling me, the others left her alone but gave her the stink eye - specifically Kitty Girl.

So far this morning, they are all getting along well. Squeaker is on my lap as I type. Yep, I think she has adopted us.

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