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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am bad - I know it....

I keep saying I am going to blog more and then I never do.....its sad really. I mean I have every intention of blogging, I even have great stories to tell, but then I just can't seem to sit down and do it. I blame facebook. So lets see if we can get caught up.....shall we?

The summer has been busy. Teenage daughter is home from college. We have been to the beach. Manchild has been traveling with his sister (couple weeks at the beach, couple of weeks in NC) which has really eaten into his Xbox time....he is not really happy about this...I on the other hand am glad that he is doing other things and disconnecting every now and then - even if he is forced to do so.

I am in full swing of celebrating my birthday month and having a grand ol time I must say.

The fur babies are sassy. I love it! Squeaker went into heat for the first time in June and let me tell ya - that was torture for every one involved. We promptly had a visit with the vet and remedied that situation.

Working in the yard has come for a full and screeching halt! Its just too dang hot Did I just say HOT?!? After whining and moaning for 5 years about freezing in MN I am complaining about the heat in SC? Why yes, yes I am! Cause its been pushing 100 for quite a while and well that is just HOT! Actually last weekend it was in the 80's and wow what a difference!

I have been getting my crafty mojo on lately and started a little stampy blog. Hopefully by keeping that one up it will force me to keep this one up too!

Cheeky - who wonders if anyone is still out there *insert crickets chirping*

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